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Nature is all about colors, we feel the presence

by:Top-In     2020-06-05
In our everyday life, we use number of things, which are colored and painted as per our requirements or our choice. One chemical that is widely used for coloring such things is solvent dye, which is also used for gold imitation of metal polyester films. Hydrocarbon fuels, plastics, waxes, organic solvents, lubricants and other hydrocarbon-based non-polar materials are imparted color using these kinds of dyes. The molecules of fuel dyes are non-polar or slightly polar in nature and they do not undergo ionization, they are insoluble in water, forms colloidal solution in solvents and possess poor to good light fastness. The solubility of such dyes in non-polar mediums makes them versatile and perfect to be used in wide range of applications in several different industries on a large scale. Solvent dyes are majorly used for foil printing, printing inks, ballpoint pens, marking pens, polishes, candles, waxes, leathers, acrylic resins, wood stains, varnishes as well as shellacs. It is also used to signal smoke, in industrial cutting sector and in pyrotechnics industry. These coloring dyes are used to color lubricants for the automobile industry all across the world. Due to such amazing utilities, these dyes are manufactured by companies on a large scale and then supplied to the manufacturers and industries that use this chemical for their coloring needs. The companies that specializes in producing solvent dyes and other coloring agents knows the hazards and adverse effects of such synthetic chemicals to the environment as well as to the living organisms like plants, animals, water-borne creatures and humans. Thus, they follow and adhere strictly to the norms and guidelines set by the governing bodies of the nation, while producing such dyes. They take extreme care and ensure quality as per the set standards for their products. Apart from this, the companies supplying solvent dye to its clients ensure its delivery in a leak-proof container. These companies take orders and supply these chemical colorants to any location or region throughout the country, even some reputed companies' deals with international supply of these dyes.
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