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new-generation lldpe film resins.

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New 650-million-
Lb/yr PE factory in La Taft.
United carbide, is now startingDanbury, Connecticut.
, Will be able to deliver the commercial quantity of new llldpe film resin manufactured with its Unipol II secondsgeneration gas-phase process.
It is reported that the new technology can control molecules more precisely.
Weight and weight (branching)distributions.
The first one in the Unipol II resin is called the easy flow resin.
The factory will also increase the production of Tuflin and Super Tuflin grades manufactured using standard Unipol technology.
It is easy to flow when polyethylene llldpe is opened and is now being tested
Number of factories, targeting industrial liners, bags, construction and agricultural films.
These resins have a wider range of molecules.
Weight distribution than traditional LLDPEs.
The density is 0. 920-0.
921g/cc, they are designed to be as easy to process as LDPEs in an unmodified low density polyethylene extruder with narrow mold clearance.
The carbide does not reveal what comonomer is used in their composition.
\"The field test has fully verified an easier concept --
Frank Maccarone, marketing manager, said: \"The processing of llannan, and added that the ease of flow can be greatly reduced --
Measured relative to low density polyethylene.
The initial business introduction will include a simple process for replacing 1-1MI liner-grade LDPE.
Versions with different sliding and anti-blocking levels will be available.
In addition, there will be highmolecular-
The weight of the replacement score is easy to flowmelt (0. 2 to 0. 7 MI)LDPE. These HMW-
LLDPEs increase throughput with higher film strength and excellent bubble stability.
At present, the optical properties of the easy-to-flow grade are typical features of the hazy llannan.
Later, a clear flow-free grade will also be provided to compete with industrial transparent low density polyethylene (6-9% haze)and higher-
Clear low density polyethylene below 5% fog.
Although the Carbide did not publish the exact product details, the processing performance and performance of the experimental version were previously reported (
See PT, April83).
The new plant will also produce Tuflin hexene polymers and ultra-Tuflin, a high
Performance hexene polymer introduced in late 1993.
The Super Tuflin rating that will be used more widely includes ST-
[Waiting for the performance film 2030
Omitted table data
A clear and excellent toughness tensile packaging is required on very thin gauges.
It is said to be higher than the standard --alpha-olefin (HAO)LLDPEs.
St. forint Hotel2005 and ST-2001 (
Anti slip andblock)
It is reported that in elmendov, the performance of the blown film is better than that of the traditional HAO LLDPEstear and dart-
Impact strength.
They are said to be puncture-resistant.
Both instruments can be used to transport bags, Tin Liners, garbage bags and various meters for stretch packaging.
Carbide also made HMW Super Tuflin from 0 with MIs. 3 to 1.
0 and density from 0. 917 to 0. 923 g/cc. A 0. 5-
Mi hmw Grade provides better tear and darts impact compared to standard 1-1 and moderately improves tensile performanceMI grade. In the future (
Carbide won\'t say when)
The new factory will use the Unipol II as high-
Blockbuster and other performance films-
Sea sacks and ice bags.
Some grades of these HMW resins are designed to operate on existing llonomia film production lines, while other grades of resins are customized for long runsstalk HMW-HDPE equipment.
Ultra Tuflin films will reportedly be superior to films made in the company\'s standard Tuflin hexene class, especially in terms of tear strength and dart drops.
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