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new high-i.v. pet resins target extrusion blown handleware.

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New High-I. V.
In the first half of this year, at least six resin companies are preparing new PET extrusion blowing bottle grades for the market, some companies are pestering around Packpro about the large packaging show held in duseldorf, Germany in March, or the NPE show in Chicago two weeks later.
Despite the idea of making PET resin for non-PET Resin
The directional handlebars have suddenly aroused new interest, and not all the resin is new.
Some of them sit quietly on the product list for months or even years, but their suppliers are doing new trials and are in some cases reformulating them.
Eastman Chemical Products Co. , Ltd.
Kingsport in Tenn;
Goodyear Tire Rubber Co. , Ltd. , Akron;
American company ICI.
Wilmington, Del. ;
Hoechst Celanese PET resin group, Spartanburg, S. C. ; Du Pont Co.
Wilmington, Del. ;
In Akzo nv, Arnhem, Netherlands, everyone hasI. V.
Develop extrusion blow molding grades for six months or more.
Eastman and Goodyear are said to have conducted the broadest sampling with US machinery companies and potential customersS.
Although Dupont, Aksu and ICI have been in the European market for some time
Bottle application.
\"This is a major project,\" said Paul Kaufman, PET\'s PET senior technology customer representative . \".
\"This is since 2-
The end user strongly promotes the bottle of beverage.
Everyone wants it.
\"Competition in the US market. S.
Hoechst Celanese may announce its new pet by the end of the first quarter.
The name of this resin is still 800.
DuPont has had two such pets on the European market for months, and it may introduce them in the United StatesS.
In the first or second quarter.
Linda Bateman, manager of polyester development, said DuPont\'s resin is a polymer and homoppolymer produced here and shipped to Europe for trials and a small bottle for commercial applications.
ICI has Melinar 5922C (
Also made in the United StatesS. )
It\'s been on the list of products in Europe for four years, but it\'s targeting tire curtains and specialty fibers, not bottles.
Roy Zemanovic, polyester business manager, said ICI is now shipping it to Europe for bottle trials.
\"New interest is on the rise,\" he added . \".
Also, Arnite DO6 for Akzo
300, made in the Netherlands, has been working together in the European market for at least four years
Instrument barrier tube.
Akzo\'s resin first appeared at the Interplas exhibition in Birmingham, England in November, and the extrusion blow bottle grade displayed by Bekum Maschinenfabriken GmbH, Germany.
According to resin and machinery producers, the problem of pushing the extrusion blown PET to market will be economic rather than technical.
This technique involves increasing the known low melting strength of PET by increasing the molecular weight and characteristic viscosity of PET (I. V. ).
Increasing molecular weight usually results in relatively high pricese. g. , a 10-15% higher I. V.
The cost is slightly higher than 10-
15% more than typical bottle grades.
The new pet is made of solid. state or melt-
Phase aggregation. Solid-
Sate used by Goodyear, Hoechst, ICI and Akzo need to be kept solid
The state stage in the reactor is longer to increase the length of the molecular chain.
That is why the cost is increased.
Chemical Change of polymer with a support agent (
For example, three Malaysian alcohol)during melt-
Phase polymerization is another way to improve the melting strength.
DuPont and Eastman use branches.
Goodyear and ICI are also looking for this resin, which may be announced in the first or second quarter. Melt-
Phase modification of the polymer using ethylene glycol or interophthal acid (IPA)
The melting temperature was also reduced, and the crystal was delayed.
Industry insiders said it is too early to judge how the cost and price of resin will decline.
It is said that DuPont provides resin in Europe after the \"80 s ([cent]/lb)
ICI is \"80 lower\" compared to 95\"cents]
Pet G/pound of Eastman.
But now the company is playing --
\"No one is sure what they will have, when, or what they will spend,\" Martin Stark said . \"p.
General manager of Bekum American company
William Ston, Michigan.
Another unknown achievement is the use of re-grinding in extrusion blowing pets.
The level of re-grinding, the degree of crystals in re-grinding, and the quality problems that may arise from the use of re-grinding (
Like black spots)
More research is needed, people say.
A machinery company says it will take four to six months for commercial applications to solve these problems.
James Mercer, senior technical representative for Eastman, said that Eastman\'s X-resin (see PTJan. \'91, p. 14)show that 30-
The bottle can be grinded using 50%.
To be commercially accepted, Kaufman of ICI said, these resins must be able to re-grind using 50% because extrusion blow molding usually produces this resin.
Some resin companies offer preliminary specifications for these development grades.
Surprisingly, my range. V. \'s (Contrast 0. 72-0.
84 standard stretch-
PET bottle blowing resin)
Not as unified as expected (see table). [
Omitted table data
For PVC alternatives, the market for new resins is expected to be mainly PVC alternatives in the United StatesS. and Europe. In the U. S.
Due to the state\'s ready-to-use recycling market where packaging faces mandatory recycling levels, PET may also be attractive to the environment.
\"If a company now has four bottles of polyester fiber bottles and several bottles of PVC-treated bottles, it can be said that all of our bottles are PET and can be recycled,\" said Bateman of DuPont.
Resin also expects that Packers may want to clear opaque high-density polyethylene bottles, but that PVC bottles will not be cleared, which will be a new market.
The initial application may be smaller cosmetic and medicine bottles, but the final water tank is also possible. (CIRCLE 97)
How to modify the machine all these resins can be run on an existing extrusion blow bottle machine for PVC or HDPE at a cost of $30,000-
Builders say 50,000
The Mercer of Eastman said that the PVC equipment needs to change the screws to the ones with shallow channels and no mixed pins, which creates a shear heat.
The screw must produce a possible shear because over-heating beyond the melting point reduces the viscosity of the resin and reduces the strength of the shape blank.
Screws with a low compression ratio of 2. 5:1 to 3:1, vs.
The recommended HDPE for HDPE man is 4:1.
ICI recommends 2:1 to 3.
2:1, higher than the ratio of 2. 4:1.
PET must also be completely dry to handle well and provide a good bottle appearance, so a commercial dryer is required on the Hopper to pass hot dry air through the particles before the extruder enters the extruder.
Due to the narrow processing window of PET, additional temperature control is also required.
Bekum\'s stark point out that some old machines may not be suitable for modification due to the difficulty or cost of adjustment control.
Blow molding machines for high density polyethylene and PVC also need to change the head to run these resins, though there are different opinions, it is said.
Baker and Johnson Control
Plastic Machinery Division
In Manchester, Mickey.
, This shows that the high density polyethylene head is easier to replace than the PVC head, and the PVC head is more streamlined.
On the other hand, pattinfield-
Fischer Blow Molding Machine Co. , Ltd.
S. President Dane Belden said the PVC head was found to have a narrower melting channel, more problematic than the HDPE headS.
Stores in Waldwick, New YorkJ.
A head of physics done by himself
Since the thermal PVC is fast when passing through narrow channels, it is cleaned.
The same head does not need high speed because pets are hardly as hot sensitive;
Therefore, the back pressure will accumulate on the screw, thus losing efficiency;
The output drops and the temperature rises. Belden says.
In Germany, pattinfield
According to reports, Fisher \"achieved great success\" in a 20:1 L/D, slotting method\"feed extruders. But in the U. S.
The company is looking for a PVC extruder with no grooves.
\"We are trying double
24: 1 flip barrier screw on smooth-bore extruder -
This is a well-known technology for PET movies, but new for blow molding machines.
It is said that DuPont\'s resin also needs a certain screw and barrel length, so the modification of PVC or HDPE equipment with L/D of 20:1 or lower requires not only the replacement of screws, but also the replacement of the barrel.
Compared to the 20:1 standard of PVC extruder and The 24:1 standard of HDPE, Bateman of DuPont suggested that L/D be 24:1.
Kaufman of ICI said that the L/D of the extruded blown PET can be 20:1 to 28:1, but the preferred 24:1.
The sharp point of Bekum is that 24:1 is standard for the PVC/PET extruder of Bekum.
Picture: recycling laws and concerns about the replacement of PVC have driven the development of PET extrusion blow bottle grades. Gallon water-
The sample of the bottle is blown by Plastipak Packaging Company.
Medina, Ohio, uses a new DuPont resin.
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