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New method of extrusion blow molding APET
Mold positioning of injection parts and continuous forming of programmable shapes
Extrusion lines are just some of the new concepts introduced at the recent sps Annual Technical Conference in San Francisco.
Only one sample can be reported from a large number of technical papers-
There are 3700 pages in three volumes.
The following options include processing techniques for extruded films after use
Consumer recycling and optimization of injection molding process.
The exhibition also shows the development of some new extrusion hardware.
The novel \"apet blow molder Sabel Plastechs Inc. \"
Cincinnati, associated with the pound Div. of Davis-
Standard, Edison, N. J.
A new type of patented extrusion blow molding non-oriented amorphous PET (APET)bottles.
Squeeze the continuous tube of APET
The production line moves the mold carrier to produce a continuous chain of linked bottles-
Like a sausage link-
Then separated. The \"hand-over-hand\" dual-
Production of up to 89-bottle mold transport system
Oz size at 1800 price
Sam Belcher, president of Sabel, said 3600 parts/hour.
Electric and pneumatic drives are only used in the machine (no hydraulics)
For cleaning-
Indoor production of medical/pharmaceutical containers.
This machine, designed by Sabel, will be manufactured and sold by Sterling Davis
The price is around $250,000, and the cost of the tool ranges from $3000 to $16,000.
Sabel will provide tools and processing support for users.
The system is for 30-min mold-
The ability to change can be adapted to co-extrusion.
The first machine is scheduled-
Queue up next month on an unnamed processor in New Jersey that will produce white 8-
Oz bottle.
Belcher lists two limitations of the machine: it requires the use of a blow needle, which may not be able to provide the neck finish required by some customers.
The system generates a proper amount of decorative waste between bottles in the chain, although this waste can be automatically recycled back to the dry hopper.
Sabel is developing a second
A generation of machines will be stretched
Blow molding of double directional bottles from 6 ounces to 1 liter will contain multiple parisons and handleware features.
The new process presents some other new twists and turns in the technical demonstration that are familiar with the process.
One is the injection molding rotation, where the mold core is the motor-
Drive in a cylindrical part to produce a direction.
The other is a continuous process of formation in-
Extrusion production line.
Three consecutive-
Size molding of continuous molding company(CMI)
Daley, California
Suitable for production and fast
Application prototype.
Ted Jacobson, who developed the process, described it as \"flexible tools \".
To easily generate variable 3D shapes from flat extruded sheets or other extruded shapes, the process uses a series of computersControl rod-
Just like the actuator deform a stationary object.
Soon after leaving the mold, hot extrusion.
The part geometry is taken from a CAD file from which the system creates a \"dynamic model\" or continuous series profile that defines a 3D part together.
At present, the most promising application of the system is to produce parts through Thermoforming-
There are no dedicated tools except in this case.
However, CMI may soon be moving towards the automated manufacturing of composite materials.
Jacobson reports that efforts are being made to integrate the form
Pre-dip belt forming system-
The laying system for the production of composite housing.
This developed tapelaying system uses nerves
The network software controls how the base is applied to the formed paper.
Packaging & industrial polymer Department new resin development Dupont
Wilmington, Del.
, Has released its \"Fusabond\" series shunding benzene-
As a grafting Polyolefine for the capacity-increasing agent and the mixing agent.
Prior to this introduction, Fusabond resin was only used inside DuPont, in small-
Scale the quantity for the selected compound. Priced at $1. 50-1.
70/lb tl, based on modified PP, PE or EVA, the resin has eight grades.
In addition, DuPont provided two experimental grades of modified ethylene-propylene rubber and ethylene-acrylic polymer in the test
Sample quantity.
Fusabond resin is designed to be used as a glass-
Filled with PP compound as a capacity-increasing agent for the recovery flow of PP/nylon alloy and mixed plastic.
They also have applications in heat.
Melt adhesive and sealant as flame
Flame retardant additives for wire and cable.
Many mature PCR membranes
After the film processor is known to be used
Consumer recycling can introduce sources of variability in film strength.
For those times when recycling has to be added anyway ---
For supervision or \"green\"
Marketing reasons-
Documents of Mobil Chemical Co. , Ltd. of Edison, N. J.
This paper expounds a method to predict the power of virgins.
Llldpe/PCR membrane without any test-and-
Wrong mix of various types and levels of PCR.
This new model predicts the film strength from the density and melting flow of the final original/PCR mixture.
The film used for the study is made by mixing a 0. 918 g/cc, 1-
MI llannan, consisting of mixed high density polyethylene, low density polyethylene, and llannan from various sources, has 10%, 20%, and 30% PCR.
Using the equation originally intended to predict the strength of the original llannan film from resin density and melting flow, all PCR/virgin membranes showed a close match between the predicted value of MD Elmendorf tear, dart impact, and MD positive cut modulus and the actual value.
Another paper by Mobil describes Virgin\'s property improvement --
LLDPE/PCR films obtained using recycled stretch films instead of more common recycled materials--milk-
The pots are all made of high density polyethylene.
Stretch Film scrap is mainly collected from warehouses and retail locations.
In the past year, Mobil has been selling 100%-PCR stretch-
A film resin called PCX.
Mix 610 with the original grade.
PCR usually shows 0.
919 density and a 1.
Five miles, though the two numbers may vary depending on the raw material.
One of the authors of the paper, Jill Paul, project manager for recycling in Mobil, pointed out that by Gao
Compared with high-density polyethylene homopolymers, the strength-ocene or hexene polymer is essentially more suitable for llannan.
\"Our goal here is to provide a versatile recycled material that supports the original functionality of the original material,\" Paul said . \".
In fact, this document shows that the film produced by the company has a tensile strength of 25%.
The PCR content of the film showed more than twice the impact strength of the dart and more than five times the MD tear resistance of the LLDPE film containing the same amount of hdpe pcr.
Over the next six months, Mobil wants to develop proposals for the right original material to mix with the stretch material
Film PCR for injection and blow molding. Pricing of PCX-
A few cents more than Virgin\'s 610.
Maag Pump Systems News
Charlotte, New YorkC.
, Announced plans to provide optimized Screw design for gear pumps.
Jorge Guzman, general manager, explained that the screw optimized by the pump (POS)
There will be deeperthan-
The usual flight, and will emphasize melting and mixing, while keeping the gear pump responsible for maximizing production.
Screws are expected to be introduced this fall.
In other news, Normag Corp. , Hickory, N. C.
A new medical extrusion gear pump is shown, which is scheduled to debut in NPE.
Unlike some other small pumps, although it is small in size, it features straight holes.
The output range is 0. 1 to 1. 2 cc/rev.
Randcastle extrusion Systems Co. , Ltd.
Cedar Forest, New YorkJ.
There are several developments in the laboratory. sized cast-
The membrane line includes a new interchanging manifold and a double cold roller that allows for a higher output rate and a thicker membrane.
The performance film below 0. 010-in.
Now, another new production line can complete the film production in 20 minutes.
Wide, maximum 6 from the previous.
Denes Hunkar from Hunkar lab optimized the molding setup of the injection mold
Cincinnati, published a paper detailing a relatively fast and simple alternative to standard designof-Experiments (DOE)methodology.
The goal is to determine the control limit or processing window for key process variables.
According to Hunkar, the molding area map (MAD)
The accuracy of the method is almost the same as that of the DOE program, but faster-
About 2 hours. -
And the lowest cost.
It does not need to remove the machine from the production, and the waste generated in the scrap parts is minimal.
The MAD method determines the processing window through a series of molding experiments, and these parameters are used for manufacturing on-spec part.
The order of the experiment is commensurate with the degree of influence or relative \"weight\" of each machining parameter on the quality of the part.
Hunkar said that to maintain the \"weight\" of variables such as pressure, back pressure, lifting pressure, injection speed, holding time, plasticization time, etc \", and the mold temperature has been determined by the statistical analysis of millions of lenses on hundreds of production molding machines.
Statistical knowledge has been incorporated into Hunkar\'s SPC-Pro machine-
Monitoring software for the past six years has made DOE\'s rigor unnecessary in many cases.
Parameter weights and experimental order depend on filling-or packing-
Relevant issues are under investigation.
Once the sequence of a given part is determined, the molder gradually changes each parameter in both directions until the part deviates from the size specification.
In addition to the constant subject parameters, the machine control remains the same until the experiment reveals the upper and lower limits of the control-
That is, the point where the part is out of specification. Off-
The pressure data collection is made up of \"thermal measurement\" molded parts rather than waiting for them to cool down.
Soaking hot parts in cold water will temporarily slow the shrinkage, allowing for accurate measurement.
Hunkar found a good correlation between the hot and cold dimensions, and the part weight is also associated with the dimensions.
Waste can be minimized by heat metering, as the experiment can be terminated once it is found that the part size exceeds the allowable range.
While MAD can perform without the help of a computer, Hunkar says his new smart box machine monitor can make the process faster and easier.
The device automatically collects machine data and calculates control limits.
It also analyzes how changes in the seven major variables tested affect other variables that have not been tested, and thus finds the molding window for these minor variables.
CAE and other software exchange technologies in Louis, Kentucky.
New C-
Mold module for the other two processes: structural edge (SRIM)
And co-injection molding.
Although the SRIM module is similar to RIM\'s analysis, the flow and reaction are also considered.
Rate changes related to the reinforced fiber premade rods.
The new co-injection module was used as a basic C-
Mold injection mold
But it\'s now \"split\" into its own $20,000 module.
It analyzes the spatial distribution of two material components in the molding process-
For example, explain how Gate placement affects the encapsulation of one melting stream by another.
Jim Spann, marketing manager, said the creation of a separate module reflects his company\'s \"new internal commitment to co-injection molding \".
\"There are now more resources to develop additional capabilities, such as the ability to track switching between primary and secondary materials during flow analysis;
As the cycle approaches completion, the user will be able to view the skin material first, then the core material, and finally the skin again.
This feature is likely to be C-Mold Release 4. 1, Spann says.
Polymer Processing Research Institute in Hoboken, New YorkJ.
A new expert system for extrusion process design was developed.
Assistant Designer (DA)
It provides advice on material selection, screw configuration, and operating conditions.
According to Ron Rakos, calculation manager and product paper author of PPI, the core of DA is \"rule base \".
In order to obtain a design variable for a given processing target set, the rule base will-
Driven reasoning with sorting problem-
Solve the knowledge used by human extrusion experts.
The Rakos report interviewed experts and investigated recent processing literature to capture the latest extrusion knowledge in the DA rule base.
Other sources of information for DA are resin processing databases and materials databases, which together form a \"knowledge base\" for strict empirical information \".
In addition to proposing design variables, DA also solves a common difficulty in computer extrusion modeling by helping users interpret simulation results.
In an example, Rakos explains how DA can judge by graphical simulation information whether the extruder can produce enough head pressure to process the material at a given temperature.
Another example of the extrusion expert system is from Witt Plastics, which recently implemented a project called extrusion consultant at Greenville, Ohio.
The system provides \"diagnostic help\" for 19 quality\"
Related Product defectsTwenty-
Four hours a day, the extrusion consultant is now distributed-
Line aid, replace with in-
House experts who may or may not be on duty when trouble hits.
The \"wisdom\" of the system comes from the two most experienced operators of Witt, whose collective knowledge has been reflected on the PC. based system. Chemineer-
Kenics of North Andover.
About its new computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
Software, which simulates the flow inside the static mixer.
CFD is with analysis-
Software supplier Fluent Inc. , Lebanon, N. H.
And supercomputers.
Cray Research, McQueen, Minnesota.
Steve Willis, senior application engineer, said CFD has been used so far to customize the hybrid elements for a given application.
For example, Chemineer used it to come up with a new 90 [degrees]-
Better asphalt elements than the old 180 [mix]degrees]
The model it replaces. IDES Inc.
Lala mi of Wyo.
Announced the release of the Windows version of Prospector, a database of materials with more than 17,000 resins.
Except property-and name-
Based on the search method, the system simply enters a terminal to allow users to find suitable materials. use.
The price of the Windows version is $495, and the quarterly update is $895.
The Ide also has the cost of a new version
Estimated software, CostMate 3. 0.
The package now includes the drawing function and the ability to incorporate re-grinding into the costing.
The new version also allows mixed quotes to be processed in single quotesunit systems--
For example, the weight of the part in grams and the cost of the material in dollars/pounds.
CostMate costs $395.
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