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new polyester film made in dust‐free atmosphere

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Celanese plastics company will start commercial production of its polyester plastic film at its new factory in Greer, USA TodayC.
The film is sold under the Celanar trademark for recording, drafting of films by engineers, packaging, graphic arts, office supplies and other purposes.
As a division of Celanese Corporation in the United States, Celanese Plastics\'s new plant has a capacity of several pounds per year, 10 miles northeast of Greenville. C.
It is designed for dust-free manufacturing.
The film is produced under the condition of temperature and humidity control and the staff is wearing a wireless white uniform.
Before entering the room, the staff will need to have a high-speed air shower to remove dust particles or lint.
From a chemical point of view, the Celanar polyester film is made of polyethylene terephathalate, which is the same as the polymer used to produce Fortrel polyester fibers.
The film was made under the license of Imperial Chemical Industry Co. , Ltd. , of Britain.
The finished film is checked for last minute contamination and wrapped in a plastic core to prevent hair loss.
The film is then sealed in the packaging film to prevent dust from being generated during transportation.
Finally, the packaged film is passed through the manual delivery system through the gas-locked double door opening (
Only one of them can be opened at a time)
To the shipment area of the factory.
A version of the file was printed on page 59 of the New York edition on December 11, 1964 under the title: New polyester film made in a dust-free atmosphere.
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