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Noida isn't just famous for its Film City but

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Kidzee's in-house staff have developed the best-in-class child centric learning methodology which the playschool calls iLLUME'. The objective behind iLLUME' is to help the children discover their natural learning style by inculcating in them, an interest in learning. That's because at Kidzee, the core belief developed over years of dedicated research is that every child is unique and contains an infinite potential and they just need help in realizing it. iLLUME' makes learning a joyful experience because the children are allowed to develop at their own pace through a variety of well-defined and age-appropriate programs which includes a diverse range of indoor and outdoor activities.The school maintains an adult-child ratio of 1:10 with the number of children in a classroom is limited to 20. The system of evaluation at iLLUME' consists of a series of observation-based, continuous and cumulative process where students are allowed to express themselves freely. Kidzee follows a child-friendly behavior management system based on RPI Rules, Praise and Ignore where there are no corporal punishments for the students.
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