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novelis sells north american aluminum foil business to reynolds

by:Top-In     2020-08-06
NEW YORK (Reuters)-
UL said on Tuesday it had agreed to sell its North American consumer aluminum foil business to PACKHO, a Renault consumer product company.
UL sells for $35 million as part of its efforts to focus on a higher version
Margin markets such as automobiles. The Atlanta-
Headquartered in Montreal and Mississauga, Canada, as well as sales offices and distribution facilities in lagerang, Ga.
\"This is inconsistent with the growth strategy of the novella,\" said Marco pamrey, senior vice president and president of novella North America in a statement.
The world\'s largest manufacturer of aluminum rolling products has increased its focus on creating value.
Added products to the automotive and beverage cans industry.
Previously, the company sold three European aluminum foil and packaging plants in last July and closed the British candy packaging plant in 2011.
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