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Nowadays we are surrounded by bits of technology

by:Top-In     2020-06-10
If you are like me then you find it difficult not to buy hi tech gadgets when they come on the market. Why is this? Well, for the most part it is down to the clever advertising used by the big companies telling us how much we need them. But there is also another reason, one that I personally cannot explain. To me it just feels good when I have nice cool new tech gadgets. They help us to make life easier also. New tech gadgets are designed to do things better or make things easier than if we were to do them ourselves. Here we will take a look at some gadgets and what they do, here we go: Sports Action Camera- Is a camera designed to take picture or video while moving at high speeds or while the user is unstable. Film Scanner- This is a device that can scan images direct from film and transfer it to your computer. It also has the ability to crop, resize and retouch photos that are damaged or scratched. Laser Projector- A laser projector is a video projection device that uses lasers to break the image down and refocus it in a very powerful picture. Laser projectors boast the best quality color and picture sharpness available today. LED Watch- An LED watch is simply a watch that uses an LED display to show the time. LED lights are used because they last a long time. Infrared Digital Thermometer- This is a device that reads the temperature buy using and infra red beam to convert the detected temperature into an electrical signal that gets displayed in units of temperature. Laser Pointer- This is a handheld miniature laser device that is used to point at object far away. Endoscope- This is a medical device which is long and slender that can enter a human body and see inside without having to make a large incision. Binary Watch- This is a watch which displays the time in a binary format. Bluetooth Bracelet- This is a device that connects to your phone and lets you know when you have an incoming call or message. Inspection Camera- This is a camera that is attached to a long flexible cable allowing you to see into hard to reach areas. Wireless Keyboard- This is a keyboard that connects to a computer without cables. Digital Compass- This is a compass which displays the direction you are facing digitally. Solar Charger- A solar charger uses the sun to power devices Spy Pen- A spy pen is just a small camera disguised as a pen and is one of the most sought after high tech spy gadgets. Two Way Listening Device- These high tech spy gadgets can pick up sounds and relay them to you mobile phone. GPS Navigator- This uses a Global Positioning System to determine ones location GPS Tracker- This uses GPS to keeps track of a specific item or person GPS Receiver- This device receives GPS signals to pinpoint a location Digital Video Recorder- This is a personal video recorder that records video in digital format GPS Jammer- These have the capability to interfere with GPS systems and jam prevent them from giving exact locations. WiFi Jammer- This blocks wireless signals from one device to another Mobile Phone Jammer- This prevents mobile phones from receiving signals Now you know what each of these tech gadgets do, you can decide if you really need them or not.
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