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Alexander Wiken
Com Contact: Nick Hayes in order to expand its internal capabilities
House testing laboratory of Alexander Vic
PA Horsham has added a new roller skating machine to its equipment range.
The WP200VN roller press has a high throughput of as 400 kg/hr, including vacuum deoxygen, water cooled vacuum rollers and the company\'s patented supply system. [
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In other developments, the company added two members to itspersonnel.
Nick Hayes was appointed vice president and general manager of North American business.
Before his position with Mr. Alexander Walker
Hayes works with Kemutec and VacU-Max.
Line Wintjenhas has become a national sales manager.
Before this position, Sir.
Wintjen comes with a tote bag and IMA.
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Com Contact: Charlie Tritt Auto Labe from Fort Pierce, FL has introduced a 110 model servo control label applicator to improve the accuracy of label placement
Application speed.
In the servo motor drive, the 110S type is designed using the latest technology.
Options for the 110S include encoder interfaces for different wire speeds, web monitoring systems, adjustable brackets, and wide label kits.
The company has also introduced the 110SR RFID tag applicator model, which combines the latest RFID reader technology to encode EPC data directly to the RFID tag before application.
110SR is a \"apply only\" solution for customers who don\'t need on-
Line printing of RFID tags.
Finally, the company launched the Model r RFID printer from Dennison, Datamax, Sato and Zebra with the latest RFID printing engine technology, and at blow-on andtamp-
Application Technology.
The units controlled by PLC can be integrated into the automatic conveyor system, which integrates additional antennas for RFID tag verification, as well as product rejection systems for non-labeling
Labels written or bad
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Com Contact: AZ Phoenix Al Forte CapPlus Technologies introduced automatic, hard-to-hard-
Package the housing of the machine.
All packages include a 10 \"PLC color touch screen control deviceout-
Arm, variable speed control from zero to 125 rpm including self-Alarm Security Pack
Diagnosis, standard mechanical electronic components, proximity sensors supplied by capsules, and automatic powder feeding and liquid level control for precise weight.
In addition, the filling machine contains FDA-
Approved contact parts, an index gear drive with less moving parts, a cam engaged with the drive shaft to eliminate slippage, double
Side cam for smoking operation and less replacement parts, Torque limiter to prevent damage to the corresponding parts, capsule cleaning station with pneumatic operation, faulty capsule removal station, the pneumatic separation station with PIAB pump and the pneumatic sorting operation that is fully operable through the touch screen.
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Container media
Contact: Ed Martin CCL Container Company
PA, Hermitage, expanded its Penetang plant in Ontario, Canada by adding two new highs
The speed production line, bringing the total number of production lines in the factory to 10, has become the largest impact extrusion container facility in North America.
The first new line will start service on January, and the second new line will start to be put into use.
Both will produce aluminum containers with a diameter of 53 to 66mm and a height of up to 235.
These largersizes are especially suitable for personal care beveragemarkets.
In addition, both lines are configured to take advantage of the body shape line of the aluminum tank to accommodate the full body shape capability, which has dramatic curves and contours running the solid length of the container.
In other news, the company has joined forces.
New Jersey cedar\'s Trimspa is committed to protecting their products from counterfeiting by creating packages that are almost impossible to copy.
The solution of CCL appears in the form of an aluminum bottle.
According to the company, the 100% recyclable seamless aluminum container is the only product that uses aluminum.
In order to make the packaging particularly difficult to copy, the CCL presents a trimsalogo on the side of the container.
In order to further develop the brand of foil imitation products, complex flat print includes monochrome shielded photo images.
CVC Technology Co. , Ltd. Telephone: 877-282-7333 Fax:909-355-0411 E-
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Contact: Bob Shelly CVC Technologies, Inc.
Fontana, California, has launched the CVCChallenger model 1220, which is designed for the operation of pharmaceutical packaging lines.
It provides 100% accuracy for counting and filling all standard or irregularly shaped products, in addition to handling tablets, capsules, transparent soft gels and many other products of various sizes. [
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The company recently launched the CVC ChallengerTablet-
Capsule counter and filler.
This machine has 3-
D. Detection system to detect various shapes and sizes of products and containers.
12 counting channels through three power supplies-
Vibration unit with 96 independent sensors for counting accuracy.
It can handle tablets, capsules or clear soft gels of all sizes without changing any parts.
For one machine, the counting speed is up to 60 bottles per minute, and for the dual system, the counting speed is up to 120 bottles.
The quantity may range from one to 9998 pieces per bottle. Dr.
Pharaoh SchleunigerTelephone: 603-645-6766 Fax:603-645-6726 E-
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Com Contact: Dr. Louise Proctor
Pharaoh Schleuniger
, Manchester, NH, model TM-
200 is an innovative platform
Top unit for measuring, recording and analyzing the torque required to apply or remove the twist-offcaps.
The device is designed to be used as a quality controller on the packaging line, when used with the Schleuniger electric drive unit TM-
200 ensure accurate measurements that are repeatable.
A car-mounted computer stores the parameters of 10 different products and generates comprehensive reports including individual data points, statistical summaries, and charts.
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Com Contact: Scott Manning Enercon Industries Corporation at WI Menomonee Falls has developed a variety of custom sealing heads for its Compak Jr.
This extensive sealing head is designed to meet a wide range of customer requirements.
The new seal head is capable of mounting smallestclosures to 6 inch wide-
Mouth container. Non-
Round padding can be used with professional sealing heads.
International Phone: 800-NJM/CLI packaging system432-2990 Fax:603-448-4810 E-
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Com Contact: Louise Lafler
Speed Cremer dual tablet counter from NJM/CLIPackaging Systems International, Lebanon, NH offers tablets in 2 countries and 2 countries
Lane filling conveyor to maximize productivity within a12-foot footprint.
Designed to use the reliability of infrared detection, the NJM/CLI ensures Cremer Double 100% accuracy.
Based on 100-, filling up to 10 bottles per minute
Several bottles, double handle tablets of Cremer, capsules and hard or soft capsules.
Product formula can be pre-
Through programming, you can download parameters for quick and simple conversion.
Cremer Doublecan has a spare set of contact parts that have been replaced in less than 10 minutes without any tools. [
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Omega design company Tel: 610-363-6555 Fax:610-524-7398 E-
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Com Contact: Randy Caspersen Omega design company from PA Exton launched Omega-
PakTop loading box Packer.
The system integrates a case vertical plate, a bottom case cone plate and a top case cone plate designed to accommodate pre-
Bundle products and/or individual products. The Omega-
Pak has servo drive/controller, control logix PLC and state-of-the-Electronic art.
Its compact design offers a variety of line configurations for most existing and new packaging line layouts.
The machine conversion and diagnosis can be easily completed through the color operator interface terminal. Spee-
Dee Packaging Machinery Co. , Ltd. Telephone: 877-375-2121 Fax:262-886-5502 E-Email: Message @ spee-dee.
Website: www. spee-dee.
Contact: Tim Johnson Spee
Dee Packaging Machinery Co. , Ltd.
WI Sturtevant introduced the variable speed feeding screw with the aim of balancing the Hopper pressure.
This technology optimizes efficiency, improves repeatability, and produces the precision required to fill a rigid container or bag with particles or powder products. Standard Spee-Dee arenon plc-
Proprietary and special control packages using Alan Bradley or any other designated PLC are available.
American Dongli plastic Co. , Ltd. Telephone: 401-294-4511 Fax:401-294-1480 E-mail: chris. voght@toraytpa.
Website: www. torayfilms.
Contact: Chris water Tory plastic USA
A new type of wheat was introduced in Lexington. sealable, co-
Extruded metal OPP Film designed to replace foil and sealing materials in traditional paperpolyethylene-foil-polyethylene(PPFP)structures.
The next generation Torayfan PCFS is made of a proprietary mixture of polymers, saving the time and money of the converter by eliminating the sealing extrusion coating steps in the conversion process.
The new MOPP film has a low shear energy storage modulus and can increase the flow
Sealing capacity and improvement.
Torayfan PCFS also shows good moisture-proof and oxygen-proof durability, which has a better economy compared to the traditional combination of foil and sealant.
It can be used for bags and brackets
Bag-like applications including hot cocoa, seasoning, soup, rice, bread, fillings, dry cheese, powder drinks and nutritious/energy drinks. [
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Kerr Group LimitedTelephone: 717-390-8480 Fax:717-390-8425 E-
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Contact: Linda Myers Kerr Group
, Lancaster, PA, launched label IIChild-
Packaging resistant system.
There\'s a new package-
A bottle
The workpiece with the CR function provided by two bending labels is closed.
Its dual lead thread design and unique look provide convenient disassembly and re-application in 180 [1]degrees]rotation.
Positive kids will hear clicks
Preliminaries 28-
Mm protocol test, no child tested can open the package, but the elderly find that it is adultfriendly.
Kerr also offers a Tab II quick release system with a lugs design that can be easily disassembled in [57]degrees]
After the foil seal is removed, the Rotary and secondary sealing functions can obtain a positive MVTR rate.
TricorBraun Tel: 314-569-3633 Fax:314-872-9876 E-
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Contact: Susan Fenton tricobrown
Louis, Missouri, recently honored the world.
WithEcolab Staraward is a package of TricorBraun design Joint Development Co. , Ltd. The award-
EcoLab\'s SP2 is an innovative distribution system that replaces existing packagesin-
Box packaging for dispensing spray-and-
Cleaning supplies used in the restaurant are wiped.
In other news, the company has reached an exclusive agreement on the manufacture and distribution of Sasaki chemical integration desiccant technology.
Sasaki in Kyoto, Japan, has experts from all over the world in the process.
This new range of products will enable tricorbraun to help its customers improve the shelf life of their products.
Company Phone number: 651-222-8445 Fax:651-222-0376 E-
Mail: Sales @ tursso
Contact: David Gray Tursso, St.
MN Paul introduced the authentication key, an open optical watermark security feature that can be used to authenticate and verify the customer\'s products.
Hiddenwatermark is embedded in the graphics of any package and can be printed using flexo, UV Flexo or offset printing technology.
Multiple watermarkscan is embedded in the drawing and the embedded image is detected using the lens key.
Throughout the supply chain, different keys can be used to ensure the security and consistency of the product.
Unicep Packaging Co. , Ltd. Telephone: 208-265-9696 Fax:208-265-4726 E-
Mail: info @ unicep
Website: www. unicep.
Com Contact: Steve Dilts Unicep packaging company of ID Sandpoint launched its VersaPak series ofunit-
Plastic Thermoforming, filling and sealing containers for packaging liquids, gels, lotions, creams and cosmetics.
VersaPakcontainers provides full flexibility in packing geometry and decoration options and can form a complete copy
The design emphasizes key product features and unique brand entities.
By using high definition movies, up to six
The theme of color printing and custom color film, decoration options are almost unlimited.
The size range is from three to 200 and any fill level can be provided in this range.
Leesheng closure and container Phone: 812-868-2228 Fax:812-868-5228 E-mail: becky. biever@rexam.
Website: www. rexam.
Com Contact: Becky Biever Rayson recently launched LCC-2 two-
Item allocation is closed.
Stop for the new Off feature-
Rear hinge for easy pouring.
When the product is distributed, the holes in the clothes extend to pull the product back into the package so there is no confusion.
Consumers can judge whether the seal is intact through new and improved snap functions.
Active participation provides an audible indication and maintains consistent opening and closing forces independent of the applied torque. The LCC-
The 2 seals meet the specifications of the 671 USP \"tight\" container using a high density polyethylene bottle, which helps to ensure the integrity of the product.
Nutritional supplements are ideal applications. [
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