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PACS - Picture Archiving and Communication System

by:Top-In     2020-06-25
Electronic reports and images are communicated digitally through a PACS System; this brings down the requirement to manually document, recover or transmit films. DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) is the standard format for PACS image transfer and storage; scanned records and other non-image data can be integrated through portable document format, once enclosed in DICOM. PACS System is generally comprised of subsequent: imaging modalities (which can be any, viz. MRI, CT, X-ray, to name a few); insured/safeguarded network for easy and quick transmission of vital patient information; workstations for to interpret and review images, and depository/archives for to store and retrieve reports and images, to and from. Healthcare organizations that desire to benefit on technology, can opt for PACS Companies, available in the domain; through with PACS Software technology, images/data can be swiftly and timely delivered over, for reading and interpretation; the technology trims down the barrier related with conventional film-based image recovery, allocation and display. Like we specified above, PACS Software can seamlessly manage images from varied medical imaging equipment, viz. PET, MRI, CT, and lots more! The entire healthcare domain gets facilitated through medical images, integrated into PACS, whether oncology, cardiology, or other. PACS System brings down the requisite of managing images through with films, as the technology took over hard copies; digital storage through PACS is easy and beneficial; films require to be managed and stored, and that consume a lot of space. Off-site viewing and reporting has well been made possible by PACS Software, as this let care providers at distant locations have instant access to identical information for teleradiology practice. PACS Systems facilitate platform for image interfacing/connection with varied automation systems, viz. Radiology Information System, Electronic Medical Record, Hospital Information System, to name a few. Were you unable to manage radiology workflow, we recommend you for PACS Companies & Products, through us, to get to restructure your care unit, for better patient outcomes. For more on PACS technology, and related, stay tuned with MedicExchange!
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