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This photo taken in March 9, 2013 shows artificial chocolate eggs made by painting papier
Form in Concord, New York, méché, packed with colored foilH. (
AP Photo/Holly Lammer)
Master photo and April fool may be a far cry mentally, but they are crowded together on this year\'s calendar.
Here is a quick and cheap craft project that can be extended from one project to another: artificial chocolate eggs.
Given my lack of chocolate, I know I will never come up with a bowl of beautiful foil --
Wrap chocolate eggs a week before Easter and expect them to last until the holidays.
But you can do the same.
No temptation-
By painting papier
Eggs, packed in pastel partshued foil.
The eggs are stacked in a glass jar, or placed in a simple bowl, making a sweet Easter display that will last for years.
Paint or acrylic process paint can be used for this project.
Painting provides a slightly smoother surface treatment, and if you use paint with satin treatment, you do not need to follow up with any type of transparent sealant or spray.
But acrylic paint is cheaper and less messy, and can be used indoors, which is an advantage given that there is snow on the ground where I live.
It does have more matte, but it takes only a few minutes to brush a transparent glaze over the paint.
In any case, given that most of the eggs will be covered with foil, there is no need to be too picky about the paint.
I found small gold foil and silver foil for candy wrapping paper in a large craft supply store, but my local cake decoration supply store offered more colors for a better price
12-35 centsby-22-
Inch sheets make it easy for my waist and wallet to complete this project.
When I show my 8-year-
The old son is an early prototype of this project, and happy Easter in what I can say!
Fool of April! \"MATERIALS:—papier-mâché eggs—
Brown satin paint or acrylic process paint-
Clear sealing or varnish (
If process paint is used)—paint brush (
If process paint is used)—
Large carton lined with waxed paper or parchment for excessive capacityspray (
If painting is used)—
Foil for candy wrapping paper
White glue or mod PodgeINSTRUCTIONS: Month)
If painting is used, place the eggs in the lined carton and work outside or in the well
Ventilation area with several layers of paint.
Follow the instructions on the paint can to determine the drying time between the coatings.
Turn the eggs and make sure you draw all the sides.
Even if covered, three or four light paint is enough. 2)
You can work indoors if you use craft paint.
Apply two or three layers of paint with a brush to let the eggs dry between the coatings. 3)
If process paint is used, apply a satin varnish.
Let the eggs dry. 3)
Cut a piece of colored foil, a little higher than the height of the egg, wide enough to wrap around it.
For the eggs I purchased, I cut the foil into a rectangle of about 6. 5-by-4 inches.
Cut about 1-
One inch long along a long side.
This will make it easier to fold the foil tightly around the bottom of the egg. 4)
Brush the glue or Mod Podge on the bottom 2/3 of the egg, then wrap the foil around the egg, the edge is at the bottom of the egg, the wider end. 5)
Brush more glue as needed, press the foil tightly on the egg and overlap the slices at the bottom.
At the top, squeeze the foil together and twist it tightly.
Cut off the extra part. 6)
Once the eggs are completely covered with foil, peel some to form the appearance of the partially opened candy eggs.
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