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by:Top-In     2020-08-08
Parchment paper--
Also known as baking paper or grilled parchment-is a heavy-
Roll paper in the box, such as aluminum foil and plastic wrap. It is moisture-
Resistant to grease
Resistant, there are several uses in the kitchen.
Parchment paper is mainly used for lining the baking tray.
It eliminates the lubrication of the baking tray, so there is almost no cleanup. And parchment-
Lining the baking tray actually guarantees that the food will not stick together, which is especially helpful when baking cakes and sticking cookies;
They almost slipped out of the pan.
Parchment paper is also helpful in other ways.
You can pick up a whole batch of cookies from the baking tray and transfer them to the wire rack for cooling without fumbling around with a hot pan and spatula. (
There are no more deformed biscuits. )
Parchment can also be supported in microwave cooking.
Parchment paper is also used to make disposable pastry bags and baked food, a cooking method in envelopes made of parchment paper, where food is cooked together with seasonings.
Look for parchment paper in the supermarket baking area or with aluminum foil and plastic wrap. Pre-
The kitchen store provides a parchment paper circle for lining a round cake plate.
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