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Paris has always been among the world's top holiday

by:Top-In     2020-07-24
The first opportunity for youngsters to meet their favourite characters comes as they enter the park beneath the gigantic Disneyland hotel and walk on to Main Street USA. As visitors enter this mythical 1900's US town and head towards Sleeping Beauty's castle, there are multiple opportunities to have pictures taken with Mickey Mouse and fellow Disney characters. Holidaymakers also have the opportunity to buy anything from candyfloss and hot dogs to a 1902 copy of the Wall Street Journal as they make their way towards central Plaza, the entry point for each magical land. Once in their chosen area of Disneyland Paris, children have various opportunities to be just like their favourite characters on themed rides. In Frontierland, younger children tend to like Pocahontas' Indian village, which is an adventure playground complete with tepees and other Native American props and playthings. Frontierland's main attractions also include Big Thunder Mountain, which is a runaway mine train ride, and Phantom Manor - a high tech ghost house complete with cobwebs and frightening holographic effects. Young would-be explorers can head to Adventureland's Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril ride. This exciting ride travels through the same temple settings as in the Indiana Jones films and even the queue line, which looks like an archaeological dig with a jungle backdrop, is a point of interest for young, budding Indie's. Adventureland is also home to Aladdin's Passage - a short exhibition of how the Aladdin rose to become a prince by way of a large blue genie, famously voiced in the film by comedian Robin Williams. Fantasyland and Discoveryland are two of the most popular areas in Paris Disneyland. Fantasyland is aimed mostly at younger children who can enjoy the delights of Alice's curios labyrinth -a magical maze with jumping water fountains that shoot over the heads of guests as they make their way through. Another favourite is Peter Pan's flight, which takes riders in a ship over Victorian London and onwards to Neverland. In Discoveryland, riders on Buzz Lightyear's Laser Blast have the opportunity to help the hero space ranger on his mission to defeat the evil emperor Zurg.
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