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pavestone, itw muller: use wrapping technology to stretch a dollar, increase productivity.

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Pavestone Company, a leading hard landscape manufacturer, is very familiar with the harsh conditions experienced in the concrete industry-
High load, dust and extreme temperature.
Therefore, the equipment required to run such operations must be as tough as the product.
As a supplier of commercial, residential, contractors and retail consumer markets, the company\'s concrete paving and wall guards are discarded, pushed and transported across the country.
With 20 regional manufacturing facilities and more than $0. 25 billion in countries-of-the-
Pavestone must constantly seek help from suppliers to maximize efficiency and maintain the integrity of the product.
Recently, when the company encountered several different challenges, it turned to its stretch packaging partners: increasing equipment throughput and flexibility, preventing machine time, protecting load more effectively and increasing brand awareness[
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Thanks to ITW Muller\'s simultaneous production of stretch packaging equipment and film, it is in a unique position to provide a solution for pavestone\' shurdles, which is a multiple
Task assignment system: Octopus BP system for ITWMuller, including octopus 303 rotaryring stretch packaging machine with tail Tuck and logo packaging enhancements.
The system further reduces equipment maintenance, minimizes costs and reduces waste.
Richard Tree, vice president of Western operations at Pavestone, said: \"The harsh environment of our business requires us to constantly look for the next generation of packaging machines and solutions . \".
\"We need a reliable partner, ITW Muller went to the plate and delivered the goods.
\"Retailers are increasingly driving innovation by improving efficiency and safety standards in the concrete sector.
One example is the need to switch from simple straps that hold paving materials together to stretch the packing load on the tray.
As these standards continue to evolve, Pavestone has entered a positive stage of growth, and it is difficult for traditional stretch packaging equipment to maintain performance.
At the company\'s location in San Marcus, Texas, the three product lines extend through a conveyor belt, which means that the stretch packaging at the end of the theline has to accommodate a lot of throughput.
\"We know we need to minimize downtime on busy lines,\" Tree said . \".
\"We tried several stretch packing machines, but it was more expensive --
Speed octopus that ultimately meets demand.
\"In several other facilities across the country, Pavestone chose octopus 303BE as the cost-
Effective solutions for the needs of companies of any size-
Run up to 60 loads per hour, depending on the app.
This machine covers a small area and is ideal for use in the block and paving industry and can be installed on existing conveyor belts, reducing the cost of new machines.
Also, high-Performance, pre-
Compared to other packaging machines, the stretch design can save customers up to 25% of the filet.
A common problem with stretch packaging trays comes from the \"tail\", which is a piece of film left behind after the film is cut, which will soon become expensive by completely unwrapping the package and reducing the load.
They also get stuck by the machine when the tail is loose, causing downtime and need maintenance.
Frequent load handling, harsh storage conditions, products with irregular shapes on pallets, open shipping
Accelerated bed truck or stretch packed film-
Catching features is often the culprit for loose tails.
\"When a $85,000 device drops when it comes to preparing a tray for millions of dollars, it\'s devastating
\"Dollar customers,\" Terry said.
\"Maintenance, labor and plastic waste involved in having to repair and re-repair the machine
The packing load will also increase soon.
\"Until recently, there were few ways to protect the tail ---
Fix it to the rest of the film with a brush, manually plug it in, or heat it to the tray.
While heat sealing is a better option than other options, pallets in the brick and paving industry are exposed to harsh storage conditions and are placed for weeks and months in the atime inventory code.
So they need a more reliable attachment.
ITWMuller\'s tail Tuck is actually hiding its tail behind the last two full films.
In the last half of the cycle, 20-in.
The net of the film forms a rope.
When the ring frame moves to the top of the load, it pulls the rope behind the last two complete film nets and releases after reaching the top.
The film winding device can also be programmed to add ropes at specific points on the load, or simply shrink the network at specific points in the winding cycle to increase the strength and stability of the unstable load.
By eliminating the need to re-
ITWMuller estimates that its customers save nearly $30,000 a year.
\"This automated system further enhances the integrity of our pallets,\" added Tree . \".
\"Octopus machines and tail tuck eliminate our previous complex equipment configurations, reduce liability and minimize our total operating costs.
We are saving 4,586 now.
Plastic is thrown away every year because the tail trips over a lot of pallets.
\"Consumers are constantly bombarded with marketing information, which means companies have to touch multiple touch points before brands are noticed.
Whether it\'s in the big-
Box store, on the work site or at anopen-
Bed trucks, pallet goods can usually be seen by consumers, but they are very different.
Pavestone is aware of the great opportunity to raise the visibility of the product and wants to display the company logo on the tray.
It tried other device models with accessories for the first time, for the application of the company logo, even by hand
Apply bumper stickers.
Thanks to its ability to provide film and machinery, ITW Muller responds to Logo Wrap, a solution developed in collaboration with Pavestone to produce a custom film with the appropriate livery
Logo Wrap can be used as an enhancement of new machine orders or as a modification of existing octopus machines, customized by automatic application
Brand film as part of the normal packaging process.
For a typical packaging cycle, the film is applied at a specified position on the load.
The Octopus machine switches from its standard stretch film to the logo packaging film, where it is completely wrapped around the tray, making the logo visible from all directions.
After the ogo packaging film is applied, the machine returns to the normal packaging cycle and completes the packaging load. Unlike hand-
LogoWrap applies bumper stickers and can also withstand outdoor elements.
\"Because we ship goods with flat trucks, we have found a huge opportunity to reach important species throughout the value chain,\" Tree explains . \".
\"Logo Wrap has turned our truck into a mobile billboard.
\"Over the past five years, Pavestone has installed the octopus BPsystem in seven different facilities across the country.
The company plans to eventually replace its existing stretch packaging equipment with ITW Muller\'s equipment.
\"Our standards are very high,\" said Tree . \"
\"Through our strategic partnerships, such as this, we have been able to achieve our users.
Friendly and cost-
Provide effective solutions to our supply chain challenges. \" [
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