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People have been using digital cameras more than

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Digital photography can be enhanced easily using the latest software. You have the great freedom to touch up your pictures and edit to your heart's content. Today you can actually download a free version of a photo editing software in the internet. When it comes to image production, digital photography provides good clear pictures in an instant. The view button is just a click away and you have access to the image captured a few seconds ago. However, you must see to it that you are using a high quality ink and paper when you produce copies of digital photos. On the other hand, film photography is totally different from digital photography in the image production and other camera qualities. Film photography employs photo chemicals in order to process the pictures. There is also no pixilation in film photography unlike in digital photography in which photos are made of a collection of tiny pixels that produce colors in pictures. For film photography you will need to use the process of film restoration if you want to have copies for later use. A film contains the series of negatives where each image taken is located. The film is the storage area of the captured images taken by the photographer in a process called photocopying. This simply refers to another demanding process of printing photos. Those are the differences between film and digital photography. You will notice that you have uses for each type and advantages. But it is up to the photographer on what type of photography he will like to use to create photos since both of these produce quality pictures. So get thos moments captured on film with this photographer San Diego.His work you will appreciate with his Wedding photographer in San Diego
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