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The type of label you should buy depends to a large extent on what printer you have.
The following article may guide you to select the correct label for you and your printer.
Most home and enterprise users will have inkjet or laser printers.
For these printers, you will want to use a layered product.
Can be made in stock in different colors and different materials for tablet labels.
Some tablet products are only for laser printers, so note this if the label you purchased is compatible with the printer.
The sheet label is available in multiple colors and can have a permanent or removable adhesive.
Want a little green?
Don\'t look again, sheet labels made of recyclable materials are also available.
Now, some tablet products have patented fast application methods that allow you to peel and apply hundreds of labels in a very short time.
The Compulabel FAB tag is an example of this approach.
You can also buy durable polyester stock.
Many businesses use these labels for shipping labels to protect against rain and cold when delivering packages to customers.
Labels are not shoes!
Just because your inkjet/laser labels are right for your copiers doesn\'t mean you should \"wear\" them.
If you plan to use labels in copiers, make sure they are rated for use in copiers.
I mean the copiers, thank you for your feet.
Direct hot label is used for desktop or industrial direct hot label printer.
The label is hot sensitive and does not require any ink or ribbon.
Desktop direct thermal printers usually use 1 \"core, while industrial direct thermal printers use 3\" core.
Thermal transfer label for thermal transfer printer.
These types of labels require a ribbon for operation.
If you do not know if you need a thermal transfer or a direct thermal label, please refer to the Manual of the printer.
Usually, you can judge if there is a ribbon in your printer by looking at your current settings.
Some printers allow you to switch between hot transfer and direct hot mode.
Direct hot labels can be more expensive, but it may be worth avoiding operator errors and the complexity of ordering supplies when installing ribbons.
The Pinfeed & Dot MatrixDot matrix printer is still a hot option for printing.
This is because strikes can be achieved when printing.
The Pinfeed label can also be available in multiple colors with the option of a permanent or removable adhesive.
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