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Pinpoint laser systems are a leader in manufacturing

by:Top-In     2020-06-25
Pinpoint's measuring equipment is actively used in power generation, machine shops, paper and textile mills, aerospace, shipbuilding, plastic and film production as well as electronic assembly. Over the years Pinpoint has worked closely with many manufacturers to develop and offer custom alignment solutions for robotic applications, medical scanning devices, aircraft assembly and numerous other applications. Pinpoint laser systems have added up to its Micro gage 2D family of receiver products which can be used for aligning production machinery and equipment. There is a transparent receiver which was introduced in 2008 that allows a laser beam to pass clearly through it while making a precise position measurement for aligning machinery and equipment. Pinpoint has also introduced a new four axis Micro gage receiver that provides useful alignment information for evaluating and correcting machinery alignment products. The new 4D Micro gage receiver measures two linear axis X and Y and their two angular components yaw and pitch. It is ideal for aligning lathes, turning centers, spindles as well as moving linear slides, rams and pistons, injection molding machinery, moving mechanical sub assemblies and more. A compact, digital display provides angular and precise linear readings and is easy and intuitive to use. Pinpoint laser believes that the method of operation is simple- a narrow laser beam provides a measuring reference line, and these receivers determine the position of a machine or subassembly relative to this reference beam. Thus pinpoint system is easy to use, highly versatile and compact; solve production problems there by optimizing workflow and enables future development and growth that is critical to the alignment industry.
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