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Plastic bag ban: Who wins

by:Top-In     2020-07-30
Jenny Hughes was furious when she heard that the city council of Toronto had canceled 5 cents of plastic bags.
\"But then I heard they banned the bags.
That\'s great, \"said Hughes, who runs me and produces reusable bags in Vancouver.
\"People will be forced to make changes,\" she said . \".
\"We have bad habits.
We don\'t always carry luggage. We forget them.
It\'s convenient to get a plastic bag.
\"Related: Plastic bag ban: Who lost Hughes, he will be one of the many winners because plastic bags have been banned since next year.
Others who benefit include paper bags, plastic grocery boxes and manufacturers of reusable cloth bags.
Me You bag made of salvaged fabric or organic material, retail for $20 to $30.
They are used in Danfoss with Whole Foods and big carrots.
Hughes says she is competing with cheap, reusable bags that fill people\'s cabinets.
She wants her product to be a fashion product so people want to leave the house with them.
\"We tried to do a good thing and then it was a band --
She said, \"Ironically, many reusable bags that are not recyclable because they contain polyester lines are shipped from China.
Owen Granovsky, chairman of Atlantic Group, Toronto plastic and paper bags and plastic film and corrugated carton manufacturers, said that when bag fees were first introduced, there was no surge in demand for paper bags.
This is partly due to the fact that the price of paper bags is on average three times that of plastic bags, but a complete ban on plastic may drive the development of paper bags, Granovsky said. “I’m smiling.
I\'m going to start my paper bag machine.
\"This is where we started in 1945,\" he said . \".
\"I don\'t know how busy we are.
Glanowski added that he thought the postage was ridiculous.
\"Retailers have paid almost nothing and nickel is almost pure profit,\" he said . \" He argues that these grocery bags will eventually be reused for the treatment of compost bins and diapers.
He says the price of 5 cents per bag is still cheaper than buying a box of kitchen catchers or stacking bags at the grocery store.
It is unclear whether plastic bag manufacturers like Glad will benefit from the surge in sales when the community implements a plastic shopping bag ban.
A happy spokesperson said the company did not have any information about the trend.
Brian Parks, sales manager for Red River packaging products in Winnipeg, believes that demand may increase as the ban is enforced.
\"We may see a surge in business,\" he said . \" He noted that the company had seen some gains when other cities such as Seattle took similar steps.
\"But it depends on other cities like Mississauga Sharjah and kidina --
\"Waterloo follows closely,\" said Parkes.
Other people who benefit from the ban, other than the manufacturers, are lobbyists in the plastic industry, who may try to persuade members to set aside their decision.
It\'s no surprise that lawyers could make a lot of money if formal legal challenges were initiated.
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