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Plastic bag charge to be doubled to 10p in all shops across England

by:Top-In     2020-08-03
According to the press plan developed by the Minister of Environment, shoppers will have to pay 10 p for plastic bags in all stores in the UK.
The existing 5 p fee will double, and will no longer be limited to large retailers.
The new measure proposed by Michael Gove was to be urged at school to stop using the single
Plastic will be used by 2022.
Estimated at around 3.
6 billion single-
Small retailers offer bags of use each year, exempting the current 5 p tax.
Trade Agencies representing approximately 40,000 small retailers have taken a voluntary approach to existing charges, but this ratio is less than 1-
It is estimated that there are 253,000 small and medium-sized enterprises in England.
Scale enterprises.
These changes may come into effect in January 2020 and are included in a consultation initiated by the government.
Theresa May announced on August that, despite reports of opposition from the Treasury and Chancellor Philip Hammond, consultations will be held before the end of 2018 on changes in the taxation of plastic bags.
Mr. Gove said: \"The single for 5 pence --
Charging with plastic tote bags reduces the amount of plastic used in our daily lives.
\"Between us, we have taken more than 15 billion plastic bags from circulation.
\"But we want to do more to protect our precious planet. Today\'s announcement will accelerate our behavior . \"
Make changes and developments based on the success of existing fees.
\"The 5 p charge was launched in the UK in 2015 and the funds raised will be used for good business, not for government coffers.
According to government data, nearly 2 billion plastic bags were sold in the last fiscal year.
This was from 2014 when seven were significantly reduced.
6 billion tote bag-
Equivalent to 140 per person
It was launched separately by seven of Britain\'s largest supermarkets.
James Lowman, chief executive officer of the Convenience Store Association, said: \"We welcome the government\'s plans to promote shopping bag charges to all stores.
\"This is very effective in reducing waste, while also raising funds for local, national and environmental charities.
\"In the UK, about half of the small shops have volunteered to charge for plastic bags, and the mandatory charge has received wider support.
\"Dr. Laura Foster, head of clean oceans at the Marine Conservation Association (MCS), said she wanted the move to be supported.
Since the launch of the 5 p charge in October 2015, MCS has been monitoring the impact of the charge and regularly providing evidence for government consultation.
Dr. Foster said: \"We are able to measure the impact of the legislation and we have seen that since the introduction of plastic bag charges in the UK, the number we have found on the beach has dropped.
\"This has also been replicated by research institutes overseas --
They also found a decrease in the number of plastic bags.
\"So we know that legislation can directly affect the number of things we find on the beach and in the ocean.
Education Minister Damian Hinds has called on school leaders to stop using food packaging such as plastic straws, bottles and plastic wrap in favor of sustainable alternatives.
He said: \"About a year ago, when I first visited the school as Minister of Education, the first question a student asked me was what we could do to limit the damage of plastics to the environment.
\"Reducing the use of plastic is clearly an important and timely issue that attracts the interest and imagination of everyone in society.
\"Mr Hinds urged schools across the country to follow the example of Devonshire George Ham Primary School, the first single school in the UKuse plastic-free status.
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