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plastic bag phase-out: what about dog poo and bin liners?

by:Top-In     2020-08-06
Government ban on singles
The use of plastic bags will force New Zealanders to find new ways to dispose of garbage, packing lunch
Clean up after 4: 00legged friends.
Prime minister Aden announced yesterday that it will be phased
Take out the bag within a year and say it is necessary to protect the country\'s green reputation.
After the announcement, the Herald spoke to about 30 people on Queen Street;
Most consumers support the move.
Three college students dragged two bulging plastic bags in each hand, complaining about the cost of buying reusable bags --
But it was quickly acknowledged that it was about organizing with what they had.
Another woman noted that some people in Mangawhai \"hated\" the elimination of plastic bags and said she did not believe there were other options to queue up or pick up dog dung.
But Nicola Patrick, founder of the social enterprise therive Whanganui, said she used to use shopping bags over and over to collect her dog poop, but it\'s been quite a while now using bagels.
At home, she will pick it up with a used milk bottle.
Patrick thinks there is a niche in the market right now and someone can create something like a small cardboard spoon.
For SPCA, what is the head also using for this purpose.
A spokesman said they are currently reviewing other environmental products.
Friendly choice of plastic bags.
Supermarkets and food retailers are also counting down.
As for the trash can liner, Patrick thinks people don\'t need the trash can liner at all.
Her family is very good.
When it comes to putting food scraps into compost and meat leftovers into a dog bowl, the machine on which the oil is served causes little garbage in the bin.
Patrick washed her trash can with a mixture of hot soapy water or baking soda and water.
It\'s easy, says Patrick, and people should give it a try.
She added that for those who don\'t like liner-free too much, she saw that some small retailers also have double paper bags, which could also be effective.
Countdown to the promise of banning singles to get the ball rolling
The use of plastic bags by the end of the year has resulted in food, warehouse groups and many other companies also continuing to sell bin liners in stores.
Kiri Hannifin, general manager of its corporate affairs, said they encouraged people to share ideas about alternatives, such as the use of newspapers.
The food company also sent the same message, adding that there is no litter liner at all, and it is also a good choice to \"clean up\" the bins frequently.
Deadline for stage-
July 2019 all over the country
Dr Trisia farreilly of the New Zealand product management board told the Herald that while she was happy with the move, the tax combined with it would be more effective.
She noted that Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales had successfully imposed taxes on plastic bags and had reduced 96 after the first year.
If included, the Council has been pushing for a period of tax revenue that should be mandatory for all retailers, farreilly said.
It is important, she added, where will the money from the tax go?
It\'s not the retailer itself, it\'s an independent environmental fund.
The government intends to free the country from being single.
Use plastic bags before July 2019.
Pressure from supermarkets and overseas retailers China banned receiving plastics from New Zealand and other countries from January 1, and found \"the deepest plastic bag in the world\" at the bottom of the Pacific Mariana Trench, 10,000 deep \".
There is no bin liner at all.
Wash the device with a mixture of hot soapy water or baking soda and water.
• Newspaper, paper, double paper padding.
Pick up bread bags of dog dung.
Freezing can make the bins messy leftovers and place them in the bins to be collected on the garbage day.
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