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Plastic doesn\'t reduce food waste, study finds

by:Top-In     2020-08-03
Plastic is the most widely used packaging material in the EU
37% of the food is in there.
But, despite the manufacturer\'s claim, it doesn\'t actually help us reduce food waste.
A new study from Friends of the Earth Europe and Zero Waste Europe said that since the 1950 s, the annual use of plastic packaging per capita has increased at the same time as food waste
Found in Europe, we use 30 kg of plastic every year and waste 173 kg of our food.
\"This study shows,\" said Julian Kirby, chief plastic activist for Friends of the Earth in the UK, \"between 2004 and 2014, we saw an increase of 40 to 50% in plastic packaging, we saw a doubling of food waste.
\"What really raises serious doubts, I think, is the argument that the food packaging industry uses frequently, that we need plastic to avoid food waste.
\"Plastic packaging is often used in this industry to market food and encourage us to buy more than we need.
Plastic Food Packaging forms often cause food waste, he added.
\"Retailers want to use beans as an example, they are actually trying to adapt to plastic packaging, and they actually waste more food than they would have, so in this case, plastic can cause food waste rather than reduce food waste.
\"The report adds that when policies are made on food packaging, the harmful effects of plastics on the environment are often not properly estimated.
\"The packaging industry and the European Commission have not made reasonable decisions on food packaging,\" said Ariadna Rodrigo, from Zero Waste Europe . \".
\"Their approach tends to ignore the impact of plastic waste and results in conclusions that favor complex food packaging that cannot be reused or recycled.
\"In a store on organic planet in north London, they are trying a new way, a section called\" Unpacked \"where people can fill up their own reusable
Catherine Conway, the unpacked founder, said more and more people are giving up plastic.
She told Sky News: \"We set up our first zero waste store in 2006,\" \"We have certainly seen a growing trend of shopping without packaging, but in the last three or four months, all the sports about plastic in the ocean have really stirred up the public\'s imagination, and since Christmas our sales have grown by 40%, so the public is really happy now.
\"In addition to the obvious environmental benefits, the biggest benefit of unpackaged shopping is that you get a better bulk price, but you can buy the quantity you need.
But the British Plastics Federation says their products still work.
\"If you look around, plastic packaging will eventually make the food fresher, healthier and healthier,\" said Stephen Hunt, director of member services . \".
\"But no one is more serious about plastic waste than the plastic industry in the UK.
\"We very much welcome this report and its findings, and we will look at it in detail and take it away to see what lessons can be learned.
\"This study acknowledges that plastics can play a role in food packaging --
But now that we know what damage it has done to our planet, activists say, the industry should challenge itself to find more sustainable alternatives --
They want the government to take most of the orders.
Use plastic on scrap piles within five years.
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