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Plastics powering packaging innovation as \'smart\' containers protect and cook.

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Plastics power packaging innovation as \"smart\" container protection and stove-top microwave ovens require shaping the shape of things to come.
But the FDA has warned that waiting for a minute, the migration of substances into food can cause safety problems.
The cold package has also caused a tense regulatory warning.
Food packaging has come a long way in the past half of the timedecade.
Today\'s delicate packaging is not just a protective barrier, but a double service as an actual cooking container.
In fact, \"high-tech\" is the theme because there is a lack of containers that require \"smarter\" and \"smarter\" for microwave ovens to be standardized.
\"The trend is to make products consumers --
Package friendly with easy to open and use, reusable or packed-
Service section, \"said Clay Smith, sales director, packaging products division, DuPont.
\"We find that many of the products we offer for major or minor industrial applications can solve the problem of marketers of packaged goods ---
\"It\'s like a non-replicable movie about ice cream packaging,\" he added . \".
Plastic has been at the forefront of derwilmington. ,U. S. A. -
Research results of Outfit.
DuPont is currently developing plastic packaging designed to allow different foods to be cooked at different speeds in one container.
The goal is to improve the internal pallet system where the split meat, vegetables and desserts are reorganized individually and irregularly.
It is reported that there is also a breathing microwave package on the drawing board, which helps to escape the steam safely, thus reducing the risk of finger burns.
Entering Gemini in the UK, the news from the metal box is also about plastic.
Gemini system recently launched-
Design with special consideration for ice cream, fruit and vegetable containers-
Features 11 square and rectangular profiles.
The cross section can be bought from 80mm to 185mm at any height between 30mm and 90mm.
The volume may vary from 85 ml to two liters.
\"Its filling can be adjusted as needed,\" suggested Gerry brunakil, general manager of food packaging at Worcester . \".
\"Because we can adjust the base without affecting the lid installation or the most denest, Gemini and standardpots run on the same filler line.
Accurate pressure
Brunskill further explained that the molded plastic is used for high-speed filling and accurate cover fittings.
They can be made from barrier polypropylene of polystyrene, ABS, PVC or even higher for aseptic packaging. Both snap-
The cover and cover for foil sealing are available. Pre-
To provide maximum protection, the cut blanks are printed in up to five colors and light.
Finishes include foil and plastic coating.
At the same time, the metal box continues to actively sell it to the market for double-ovenable trays.
In their lineup, the main frozen food brands include Swanson food in Canada, PictSweetExpress in the United States and Rusttikale Kuche in western Germany.
Formed from the blank of the plastic coated plate, the heretical plate is designed to contain solid and liquid re-heating-and-serve products.
The combination of the internal food tray and the printed outer box simplifies the packaging process, thus reducing the cost.
The choice of internal materials includes polyester and other heat-seal plastic-coated boards.
Despite the micro-economic indicators in the retail market-
For several years, a \"smart\" packaging accessory worthy of attention again (
See QFFI, April 1988, page 89 for detailed stories)
It is a miniature display of ConAgra.
Attached to the cover of armor dinner classic and dinner classic Lite products
Just like when the contents of the packaged food are ready to eat, the material changes from white to blue.
\"The challenge is to give people more confidence in using microwaves and use them more frequently,\" said Scott Wren, president of Ballwin Mo, the company. , USA-
Headquartered in the consumer frozenfood department.
\"But one of the problems is that people overcook food.
We cannot place instructions for each oven on the back of each box.
The MicroReady indicator allows you to cook it without worrying about it.
\"But it\'s not just the frozen food industry that has seen recent packaging progress.
Controlled/modified atmosphere packaging (CAP/MAP)
The division has long been a factor in Europe and has been growing in North America.
Nearly 21 billion pounds of perishable food are in an industrial vacuum.
Packed in this way in the United StatesS.
Last year, according to data from toSchotland Business Research, Princeton, N. J.
On top of that, at the retail store level, another 1 billion pounds of products have passed through about 0. 7 billion packages and the market size has become obvious.
New controlled atmospheric packaging from Hercules, Inc.
Claim that the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables is twice or three times that of the original.
The center of the fresh holding system has a polymer-permeable membrane
Modified polypropylene.
Printable, pressure-
The sensitive film that can be used as a label is glued to the li hole.
The working principle of the micropore strip is to regulate the escape of water vapor and carbon dioxide from the package and to control the penetration of oxygen into the container.
The result is that as the evolution of ethylene is interrupted, the maturity of the substance is suppressed.
Testing marketing of semi-packaged broccoli flowers
Ukops\'s, a small supermarket chain in Virginia, has been carrying out container transportation.
The shelf life is said to have increased from 7 days to 17 days.
Custom film can be developed to accommodate a large number of vegetables and fruits, it is reported.
It is estimated that 6 billion of products will be wasted and spoiled in the United States. S.
Every year, the packaging system of Hercules has a bright future.
Security issues, but everything is not very good in the upper limit world, because the vacuum is suspended-
Packaged fish still exist in the United States. S.
Doubt of excessive wisdomwrapping so-
Russ Byerly of the New England shrimp company says there are fresh fish in the supermarket.
At this spring\'s Boston Seafood Show: \"I have some concerns about its safety, as anaerobic bacteria grow without oxygen.
And deadly poisoning skills. . .
Too many people use packaging technology to extend the shelf life of fish that are already bad.
\"Consensus has been reached among many packaging staff attending the National Food Processors Association conference in Anaheim, California
Will the Food and Drug Administration do this sooner or later (FDA)and U. S.
The Ministry of Agriculture will seriously start monitoring CAP and MAPproducts.
Patricia Schwartz, acting director of the Fda\'s food chemistry and technology department, confirmed their suspicions.
But she has other concerns. -
That is: * More
The issue of the migration of packaging materials to food is raised by layer plastics.
This is especially annoying with the microwave boom --
Compatible packaging often results in the replacement of metal or foil with plastic. * Susceptors.
\"Although they have multiple forms,\" Schwartz said, \"in essence, the metal film laminate is like Amini --
Frying Pan in microwave oven.
The migration of some of the susceptor components may be substantial.
So we can\'t say it\'s safe to use them.
\"* As for the metallized PET tray, the results of the FDA laboratory have revealed the disturbing problem of composition decomposition. * Garbage.
In fact, the increase in food packaging has increased the national waste disposal crisis. -
Americans throw away three rubbish a day. -
It has also attracted the attention of regulators, but this is the issue that QFFI will discuss in detail on a future issue.
FDA officials also pointed out that the growing interest in frozen food packaging has caused her to be very concerned about the dangers of food microorganisms.
The vacuum cooking process \"could pose an unnecessary threat to consumer safety, she said. \"(
Check out the relevant stories of QFFI, April 1989, page 93. )
Gas Used in refrigerated food industry
Flushing technology extends the shelf life by inhibiting the growth of corrupt bacteria.
This technique promotes unsuitable microorganisms under certain conditions.
In this regard, inherent factors such as the temperature of the environment, relative humidity and gas composition are manipulated as much as possible.
Ideally, the Packers try to keep their products near or slightly above 32 [degrees]
The number of bacteria doubles the temperature every 20 hours. At 50 [degrees]
Doubled in three hours.
\"Food will deteriorate about four times at the age of 41 [degrees]
It will be in 32 [degrees]
Cynthia wilbrant suggested that Chicago was ill.
\"Therefore, attention must be paid first to the low number of microorganisms in refrigerated products.
Otherwise, a slight temperature abuse can lead to corruption, or worse, a health hazard. \" The U. S.
The frozen food industry is still in the learning stage.
\"Only in the past year have I realized that our oxygen is not under control,\" admits Dick Perdue of Duncan\'s Cryovac. C. , U. S. A.
Manufacturer of shrink film.
He pointed out that Mitsubishi, Japan is a company at the forefront of map technology.
\"Their oxygen absorber can avoid the injection of chemicals,\" Perdue said . \".
\"In order to keep the food fresh, they used the invum packaging.
\"The 37-year-old Cryovac veteran explained that active absorber Goa has a long way to go in inhibiting mold growth, and many products have a shelf life of up to three months.
\"They can also be used with frozen foods, especially frozen fried chicken and fish,\" he added.
How often do you receive such products and find them stinky?
\"So, the global competition
The market for extended lifepackaging of frozen shelves is heating up.
In an era where consumers are highly concerned about food safety, one can expect the FDA and other similar national groups to respond by expanding the review of this packaging system. Webber Shrink-
Weber farm: the ribs of the package challenge traditional wisdomKy, Cindy. , U. S. A.
, Found that it can be switched to shrink by switching from vacuum packaging-
Pack frozen roasted pork ribs for the institutional market.
The company is using equipment from Norco Packaging Machinery Co. , Ltd.
Fort Wayne, Ind.
, The application of polyethylene shrink packaging on its products.
The mesh at the top and bottom is automatically cut and connected at the front and back edges of each package.
Then, when the contraction action points to the side, the top and bottom surfaces are smoothly opposite the product, sealing the device and compressing the excess film along the side while keeping the top and bottom clear, the visibility and graphics of the product will not be distorted by stretching or shrinking.
The system allows pre-
Printing film and heat
Seal of good registration;
You can choose the side trim/seal to remove the excessfilm.
Weber presented an unusual challenge as it applied the barbecue to the ribs before packaging, but the NoKo approach also addressed the issue.
BWI acquired Holmatic Inc.
Additional Ford systems by Barry Weimar International Limited(BWI)
A British company specializing in packaging machinery acquired Holmatic, Inc. , Norcross, Ga. , U. S.
BWI already has a Ford packaging system in Bedford, UK, and both companies serve the food and dairy industries.
It was tampered with for Holmatic
Clear Film sealing equipment for pre-sealing
Formed containers, as well as filling, sealing and filling equipment.
For Ford, it is a rotary Cup filler, high
Speed foilclosure press and seal.
Photo: The plastic and cardboard packaging Gemini system in the metal box combination shows flexibility in the photo: packaging food from ice cream to fruits and vegetables.
Figure: shrinkage of Norco machinery and polyethylene-
Added additional savings for Weber farm.
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