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Polycarbonate film for law first-surface gloss.

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Bayer, Pittsburgh, PA, has developed a low retention first
Surface gloss after molding and molding.
Month Makrofol de VLG-
Provide state-of-the-art 1D polyester film
Surface gloss on the market can also be used to provide matte finish for decorative home appliances.
The traditional polycarbonate film has typical advanced technology.
The surface gloss of more than five gloss units, \"said PatGriffin, a film senior technical marketing specialist. \"With afirst-
Makrofol DE VLG7-surface gloss value is less than four gloss units
1D polycarbonate film has the lowest inherent ink-
Surface Loss available.
\"In the thermoforming process, high temperature will cause the traditional polycarbonate film to become smooth, lose texture, high
Pressure forming and film forming (FIM)operations.
This usually requires the tooling and decorators to perform additional processing steps such as the application
In order to control the appearance of the printed part, the surface texture coating.
Because this film minimizes the gloss
For problems related to the molding and molding of polycarbonate film for decoration, it is no longer necessary to overprint first
To control the surface decoration film firstsurface gloss.
In addition to the baffle and other automotive interior applications, Makrofol de vlg 7-
1D film is an ideal candidate for flat panel applications such as nameplate and dial plates on electrical appliances, electronics and other decorative products where low gloss is ideal.
There are three thickness of this film-0. 010-, 0. 015-and0. 020-in. --with a first-
Surface velvet texture and second
Surface loss texture available at 24-by 48-in.
Sheets, and up to 48-in. wide.
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