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Prague consists of variety of theatres hosting

by:Top-In     2020-07-22
The National Theatre: The idea of constructing the National Theatre was suggested in the autumn of 1844 at the reunions of patriots in Prague. This provision was purposely acclaimed by the members so that the building could be epitomised as 'the embodiment of the will of the Czech nation for its national identity and independence'. In the era of Bach's absolutism, the construction of the building was halted for sometimes by recommending a new proposal of a modest provisional building. However, the foundation stones were sited at a ceremony on 16 May 1868. The theatre was opened on 11 June 1881, but the building burnt down during construction. Hence, it was reopened on 18 November 1883. At present, the National Theatre is a symbol of national identity. It is a famous Czech national cultural heritage as well a living example of excellent architecture. The building is an arena for polishing artistic creativity and dramatic skill. The theatre is well-known destination for the three artistic ensembles such as opera, drama and ballet. It is not kept open for public except on the day of performances. The Lateran Magika: This magnificent architecture plays an important role in opening a door for the development of modern Czech theatre. It is a well-known tourist destination as well boasts the title of a non-verbal theatre in Prague. Its origin is related to the Expo'58 in Brussels. It hosts the shows that are internationally acclaimed as well the performances comprise a combination of dance, film and black theatre. It is an emblem of silent performance and touching experience. The theatre is best known as Civic forum's headquarters belonging to the Velvet Revolution of 1989. Everyone is not allowed in the theatre, except performance days. It takes around 20 minutes from the centre (Old Town Hall) to reach the theatre by a foot walk. If you are a true performer or artist or dramatist, then you must visit Prague theatres as well explore the city. Enjoy each and every moment like anything else. Pack your bag in forthcoming holidays and e-book flights to Prague right now.
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