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Precision equipment like printers or copiers requires

by:Top-In     2020-07-22
When one uses these products not only is one assured of peace of mind but also cost effective means of production, marketing etc.! With the proven technical prowess and global exposure, one is also confident of continuing the good manufacturing practices used here. Usually, the following come to mind upon thinking of printing accessories: 1. Toner cartridges 2. Toner kit 3. Ink cartridges 4. Toner powder 5. Toner spare parts This global conglomerate is a significant producer, reseller and very often an OEM of these products. It has some of the largest & most respected names in the industry under its belt. With managed print services (MPS) being the order of the day in handling a client's printing needs and the accent on helping reduce cost, how will they survive financially in this fragmented market domain? The solution lies in efficiencies of production, innovative consumer practices, niche marketing etc. Clients will also have the satisfaction of the eponymous green production practices with over 200 products on offer from Zhuhai, China's giant; which are sourced and manufactured to stringent standards, a region which caters to a third of the global market. Finding the right partner is simplified with the CIFEX; RemaxAsia Expo & other trade shows showcasing the business acumen, product finesse as well as helping in cementing ties between producers and users. These product groups will be explored in greater detail here. 1. Toner cartridges - laser toner cartridges are a specialty of the house, these are universally used in the printers / copiers and are often the largest amount of consumables traded for post sale activity. Their importance lies in the fact that the printing scene is upbeat projecting a giant leap for the need for this important component. These form the core of the cost of printing and their efficiency is known through their shelf life, output in no. of pages printed etc. 2. Toner kit - these kits have made the clients into self-help units of efficiency with their accent on recyclability and consequent reduction in e-waste. These help end users refill the cartridges in their premises on their own. 3. Ink cartridges - inkjet cartridges form the backbone of their production, and it is but natural that with industry majors in their kitty ... 4. Toner powder - this low cost choice provides for both black and white as well as color options. Toner spare parts - like the OPC drum, MR & DR, PCR, Cleaning Blade & Doctor blade, Fuser Film Sleeves, Upper & Lower roller, Printer chips as well as others ...
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