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printed stand up pouches - 10 steps to speed up pricing and lower your cost

by:Top-In     2020-08-06
In the retail and industrial environment, the use of Stand Bags continues to grow.
There are standing bags in the box, the quantity is as low as 500 per box, and many people have made great success by hand with color labels.
Over the years, manufacturers have introduced a variety of color combinations, such as a transparent front (
Can see a product)
There are also colored foil backs such as silver, gold or black.
This allows the company to add color and some vitality to the packaging without increasing the cost.
When a company wants to give up labeling and have its own custom printed stand bag, the final step of the process will happen.
You can do 10 things to speed up pricing and reduce costs. 1.
Familiar with your packaging.
While this may sound simple, this is not usually the case.
Is your product dry or liquid?
How good it is if it is dry. . .
Is it the consistency of cat sand or dust?
If it\'s liquid, is it water or oil?
All of these factors play a role in the selection of materials for printing stand bags. 2.
Know how many of your products are, and more importantly, how much you want to pack in a printed stand bag.
Is it 2 ounces, 8 ounces, 16 ounces, etc?
This information is critical to your stand bag supplier.
This will help them determine the thickness of the film to ensure that your product is not only protected, but strong enough to be stable independently. 3.
Determine the barrier performance required to protect the product.
This is not necessarily a specific number count, but you should know what you want the standing bag barrier film to do.
Are you looking for a product on the shelf for a month or 6 months?
You want to protect it from the superviolet light?
Does your product have to cross the country on a truck without air conditioning? . .
In the summer? 4.
Know the type of film structure you want to print the stand bag.
Do you want a clear movie?
Or a stand bag with Windows)
Or metal foil structure where you can\'t see your product at all?
This is the key information of the supplier.
There is a misconception that transparent films are not as good as foil.
This is not necessarily true.
Your stand bag supplier can help you determine which film is best for your specific application. 5.
Decide what features you want to have, such as ziplocks, tear marks, flip your mouth, etc.
All of this works in the final price of your stand bag.
The more complex the function, the more expensive the stand-up bag is printed. 6.
Prepare your artwork for a printed stand-up bag and discuss it with your supplier, not just your artist/graphic designer.
Many customers will hand over their ideas to their graphic designer, who will create the most amazing graphics, but will eventually have to change something because their suppliers cannot create what the artist has created7.
Introduce your graphic designers to your suppliers and let them work together.
For some reason, customers are afraid or worried about doing so.
Bringing these two important people together and letting them know what you want will ensure that the problem with the whole job is minimal and production is accelerated. 8.
Know what you really want and be sure to tell your supplier.
Often, companies are on the road to custom printed stand bags, but do not share their goals and expectations with manufacturers.
Do you want a very opaque bag when you still have a window?
Do you want a really shiny surface but still want to see your product?
If you choose a clear structure, are you afraid that you can see through the stand-up bags you print?
Your supplier can take some steps ahead of time to make sure you\'re ecstatic about the end result. 9.
Understand your quantity and be prepared to change it for a better price.
Discuss their minimum run count with your supplier, but also ask them to quote a few more times.
This usually has a big impact on your final cost. 10. Allow 4-
The artwork for the whole process is approved 6 weeks later.
There is nothing more to affect your price than a stand bag trying to speed up printing.
Of course, sometimes this is necessary, but you save money in the long run if you can avoid it.
Finally, these 10 steps will not only save you money, but also help you communicate with the manufacturer by skipping the stand-up customers printed by newbies.
Your supplier will be able to provide the choice and you will be able to make an informed decision.
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