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Ptfe film owns vast and diversified utility ranging

by:Top-In     2020-06-12
PTFF belongs to the family of fluorinated materials. Such material is with the high-level temperature maintenance. This kind of material is non-combustible, so it can be used as dielectric material. Among all types of solid plastics, PTFE owns the lowest friction coefficient. Its sustainable anti-bending tense would obviously pass other two types of fluorinated plastics: FEP and PFA. However, PTFE also owns weakness: it may still own high-level melt viscosity under the temperature above 327 degrees Celsius. It is also with high-level gap sensitiveness. Therefore, common shape-forming methods like extrusion, injection molding and blow molding method would be hard to apply on PTFE manufacturing. Different from polyethylene film, a type of manufacturing procedure should be applied before the white powder turns to thin and transparent Teflon film. That is to say, PTFE raw material would be pressed into designed piece under the household temperature. And then, the pre-forming pieces would be heated to the temperature above crystallization point. That is to say, burn the raw material above the melting temperature to get insoluble sintered block (or rough blank). Commonly, the heating temperature should be around 380 degrees Celsius. Through the sintering process, the rough density of PTFE should be between 2.1 and 2.3g/ml as per the manufacturing condition and the forming crystal. If the cooling process is slow, the density would be higher. At that time, the material can be with high crystallization condition, hardness and high-type stability. The sintering under such pressure can gain higher density and hardness of PTFE rod without the creation of pores. It is the precondition to gain super-thin PTFE film. When finishing the above pre-forming sintering, the film cutting can be executed. The film cutting device would use all operating gadgets on the signal device. The signal device is installed on the right base and turn to every direction. The machine operator can operate the machine via presses on the signal device's controlling pad to do blank loading and blank feeding. The thickness and speed of film cutting would be also chosen on the controlling pad in advance. When the film thickness and blank rolling are confirmed, the digital controller would automatically determine the feeding speed.
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