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pvc pipe photo planters

by:Top-In     2020-08-04
One day my niece came to visit and planted these fleshy plants, and every time she visited she said she had to water the plants.
So I decided to let her plant some plants to take care of herself.
These pipes are left over from a construction site and they only need a clean one.
I measured the size of the pot I wanted and mine was 15 cm and 10 cm.
I cut them with a handsaw and polish all the rough edges and tidy them up.
I used some nail polish defacing agent to remove all the black barcodes and numbers on the pipe.
Stick the cap to the tube with strong glue.
I ordered some temporary tattoo paper for the Wish site and I paid $15.
Change 10 a4 at 00.
I chose the photo I wanted to use.
I used a program called Lunapic that you can use for free online to mirror your images and make them black and white.
The paper is loaded into my inkjet printer and I choose to print 4 pictures per page so I don\'t waste the paper.
Once printed, there is a self-adhesive transparent page on the tattoo paper, then put it on the image and smooth it down.
From the top, eliminate any bubbles with a credit card.
I cut out my photos as close to the photo border as possible and plan where I will put them.
Applying images is the best and easiest way to transfer images I have ever used.
No confusion, no fuss, perfect image every time.
First, you remove the transparent film from the front of the image and place the image on the PVC pipe.
Place the image face down on the PVC tube and smooth it down with your fingers to remove any bubbles in the image.
Wet a small piece of cloth and lay it on the image, no need to soak the image.
In a few seconds, the paper can be peeled off, just peel it off slowly.
If you have any creases, you can gently smooth with your fingers.
For additional protection, you can seal it with a Mod Podge coat.
I really hope I already know the technology before I spend a few weeks working on the last image transfer project.
I must say that this is not close to the quality and ease of use of this technology.
You like my project, please vote for it in PVC pipe competition. Thank You !
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