The pioneer manufacturers of lamination film in China.

radcure coatings: uv and eb coatings technology continues to impact many industries, delivering environmental and performance benefits to a variety of companies ranging from multi-billion dollar cosmetic giants to high-end cabinet makers to the local auto

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Customers in the Radcure paint market are already quite diverse.
Estee Lauder\'s $4.
7 billion cosmetics, skin care and perfume manufacturers
The final cabinet maker at the local auto repair shop, UV paint is speeding up the production process, providing a durable, attractive finish with environmental benefits.
However, even if the paint company continues to improve its UV/eb technology, it has taken quite a bit of time to talk about transition costs rather than chemical reactions with potential customers. A BIT OF HAND-
Holding helps paint companies to understand that the risks taken by OEM manufacturers can be rewarded-
For their customers and their own bottom line.
Many companies, such as Becker Homma, play an important role in helping customers complete their transformation.
The system used by Swedish door manufacturer Dooria Kungsater AB is 30-
50 tons of solvent are produced every year, hoping to produce technologies that are more in line with the requirements.
In the process of seeking cooperation, Dooria and becker Demma worked with it to build a new coating line
Ake Johnsson, Dooria\'s chief technology and environment officer, said it was the company\'s biggest risk ever.
Investment in Doria 2]euro]
In efforts to develop the millions of environmental protection
Compliance systems that do not require manual sanding will operate on fully automatic coating lines.
Dooria and beckerymma conducted tests at Marsta, Becker, Sweden, to identify equipment requirements and appropriate application and handling methods.
This new production line has been running for the past 12 months and is characterized by acrylic-
Free UV curing polyester primer reduces fiber boost on mid-fiber board, water-based primerand aqualilight Top, water-based colored UV finish.
The system provides a hard and wear-resistant coating --
Resistant to old solvents-
Based on the system, there is less yellowing.
British Burbidge & Son has achieved similar success.
Kitchen furniture manufacturers who also want to replace solventsbased finishes. Overa two-
Annual span, Burbidge investment of more than 1 million [Pound)
New finishing machinery and technology in Coventry
Based on manufacturing facilities.
Becker Akram, UK developed a series of customized water
Based on stains, water
UV curing paint and water based
This enables Burbidge to reduce its VOC emission level by more than 25%, while improving production efficiency and shortening lead time.
While companies are often more hesitant about taking risks in a downturn, the good news is that prices are falling, which should drive growth in UV and EB coatings, adhesives and sealant.
Jim Turner, business director of the Borden Chemical, Inc. UV coating group, said: \"We see a sharp drop in equipment costs, including electron beams . \"
The company produces a wide range of uv products for fiber optic cabling, cd and dvd, and other electronic applications.
\"The value proposition for UV/EB is still very strong.
The global supply of raw materials continues to expand and costs continue to decline. Performance-
Applications based on ofUV/EB are growing.
\"Borden recently launched three products for mediamarket, focusing on pre-recorded DVD, DVD-Rs and CD-Rs. DataShield6-005, 6-008 and 6-
001 provides performance advantages that can focus on improving processing speed and environmental performance.
In addition, the company has added a new pair of fiber coating systems KlearShield 1-005/2-
005 and KlearShield 1-
008/2, providing \"world-class performance attenuation and environmental performance, especially 1-005/2-
\"005, there is a significant advantage in healing speed,\" Turner said . \".
Car refin paint: UV brings the speed of the car, the progress of radiation
The curing technology has been going on at the OEM level for several years and companies like RedSpot, PPG and DuPont are researching, evaluating and producing various kinds of radiation-cured products.
Now, radcure paint is moving into the field of automotive refin paint.
Bradley M pointed out: \"The use of UV and radcure Coatings has just begun . \"
Richard, paint R & D manager, BASF paint technical support center.
BASF\'s original UV refinish product was launched in November 2003 and sold under Glasuritand RM tradenames.
According to Richards, both are in good condition.
BASF is developing a new type of transparent coating that can be cured with UV rays.
This new product line is planned to be launched in the near future.
UV curing is valued for a variety of reasons, and most notably, it is environment-friendly and able to provide a high quality surface with good mechanical properties.
But the most obvious benefit of using UV technology in the refining industry is speed.
When using traditional technology, it is still curing when the polyurethane is away from the heat source.
Before applying the next coating, the car repairman must wait for it to be more completely dry and cross.
This is not the case with UV curing.
The traditional polyurethane coating can be cured in a few hours, and it takes only a few minutes to use UVit.
\"In the case of UV, it is actually a cross-linking of 100%, a solvent-
Can resist in a few minutes.
You can apply a coating right away.
\"According to Richards, this makes the process faster without worrying about losing the quality of the look.
\"We can use the UVA light as a source of energy to complete each layer in about 5 minutes,\" he said . \".
\"There are many tangent benefits to fast benefits,\" Richards added . \".
\"The biggest benefit for a body store manager is that they can do more work.
If you shorten the process, you have more space and potential for more revenue.
\"High quality finished products also make UV curing an optional option for the body shop.
The technology provides the quality of color, gloss and image clarity.
\"In the end, the goal of arefinish body shop is to do a stealth repair so that the consumer doesn\'t say it\'s fixed,\" Richards said . \".
Due to the size of the lamp that provides UVA energy and the fact that it cannot be used for transparent coating due to discoloration at present, UV cannot completely replace polyurethane technology, but the demand for it is increasing.
\"We don\'t think UV will completely replace the traditional paint, but we think it will be a strong companion to the traditional paint,\" Richards said . \".
How is BASF committed to increasing the use of UV coatings in the automotive market, whether in the OEM or after-sales market?
The company has invested 1. 2 [euro]
Millions of people will expand their activities in UV curing coatings through a new R & D center in Munster, which will build a pilot plant for three-tier composite coatings
Size parts and large parts.
\"We want to constantly research and advance all aspects of radiation --
\"Curing paint,\" said Klaus Peter lobe, president of BASF Group\'s paint division and CEO of BASF paint.
According to Lobbe, the most important goal of the plant is to develop new coatings for the automotive industry.
The new 3D pilot plant offers the possibility to use the existing experience obtained from the coating plane at complex3-
Size parts and large parts. \"This multi-
The function room is the first function room in ingerstrom, \"Karl said.
Heinz Jost, technical director and coordinator, UV center.
\"In this pilot plant, under the specified conditions, the coating can be heated by heating or ultraviolet radiation, I . E. e.
For example, fixed parameters of temperature and humidity.
It is also possible to use protective gases such as nitrogen.
A state-of-the-art material lock and transport technology, which also includes an electric table, provides mobility for the parts in the steel box, ensuring that the beam of UV light crosses every corner.
\"In the categories of cosmetics, perfumes and personal care, it\'s not just a beautiful face, in which packaging is as important as functionality, and the product has to stand out on retail shelves, UV coatings play an important role in creating this look.
Just as the paint industry often happens, the average consumer is not surprised how her perfume bottle creates this beautiful pearl face, or what makes her favorite shampoo look so cold, or her mascara is so high --gloss shine.
Many times, UV coating helps to provide special surface treatment and a protective layer to prevent wear and scratches.
To create more attractive packaging, UV paint plays a dual role, says Dennis bachita, marketing manager at atDiamond packaging, Rochester, New York
Basic manufacturer of printing, folding carton.
His company is currently working with several customers to develop new products that will use UV products for pearl finishes and flash effects in inks and coatings.
Bacchetta noted that \"UV products are the best ha to produce these effects.
These special UV ink coatings are highly decorative and work by providing wear resistance and scratch resistance.
\"The beauty market has increased requirements for special paper or inventory such as holographic foilboard, laminated paper, transfer metal paper and textured cardboard, and has also increased the use of UV coatings for surface coatings before printing.
Diamond also uses UV coating on plastic cartons to achieve a variety of effects, such as PVC cartons it makes for the new Dana perfume secret of Dana perfume.
UV coating is hard, scratches, according to Bacchetta
Surface resistance on plastic substrates.
David Ryder, Diamond\'s director of technology and quality, also talked about the benefits of UV technology for the environment.
\"They are all 100% Reactive and have fewer solvents,\" noted Rydell . \".
\"When they are exposed to ultraviolet rays, these coatings (and inks)
Are100 % cured and released a small amount of VOCs.
Color Optics
One in New Jersey offers pre-
Printing Services, as well as commercial printing and packaging, have also turned to UVcoatings for beauty industry projects.
C. said: \"UV coatings and inks are much more expensive, but they are also used to meet the needs of specific substrates, such as afoil films that do not accept traditional inks or coatings . \"
Stuart Howell, president and chief executive of the company
UV coatings can also complete the actual containers of many beauty products such as mascara containers, red mouth tubes, blocks, bottles and jars.
\"In general, UV coatings play an important role in protecting the parts of our molds so that they look better, feel better, and maintain structural integrity,\" Carl New York, President, Lombardi design and Manufacturing, Freeport-
Basic suppliers of injection molding packaging and components for the cosmetics and spice industry.
\"Many of the plastic materials used to form cosmetic components are vulnerable to scratches, wear and product compatibility issues, so by treating these parts with UV coating, the packaging becomes more adept at the harsh daily environmentto-
\"There is no need to show it during the day,\" explained Lombardi . \".
UV coatings are often used by Lombardi, especially for cosmetic components such as pressure blocks and cosmetic shells.
\"These types of parts tend to be subject to a lot of abuse in pocket books and cosmetic bags that you carry with you and hit other sharp objects like keys and mobile phones.
This causes scratches on the surface and wear on the decoration, \"added Lombardi.
On the UV coating, the compact appearance will be longer, which is necessary for high-grade cosmetics.
\"UV coating is also important to protect metallized plastic components.
\"Metal parts have a paint layer that is susceptible to chemicals that can be eaten on the paint surface.
So here we overspray metal parts with UV coating to make them more resistant to chemical wear and scratch, \"said Lombardi. Techpack-
New York CMI uses UV coatings on many mascarawands produced by its Henlopen department.
The coating provides scratch resistance. \"It\'s a high-
Cathy Alex, sales director at Techpack/Henlopen, said: \"The final finish can also achieve special effects such as pearls or metal . \".
Alex does acknowledge the extra cost of using UV, but she says the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.
\"It\'s an extra operation and cost, but it\'s cheaper than making wandout in metal.
\"UV paint can also cover some of the formed\" sins \"such as stripes or scratches,\" Alex noted . \".
Crown Risdon of CT Watertown is applying UV coating to some of its plastic beauty components at its plant in barreay, Ontario.
Recently, the company needs a UV coating that can work on polypropylene and imparta fine, smooth, metal finishes.
The finish also needs to be durable enough to protect the workpiece, but not too hard to accept foil stamping.
The solution is mixed.
TodChamberlain, product engineer at Barre factory, said: \"After UV curing, it is best if these parts can air dry for 24 hours, but the finish does everything we want to do.
\"The Inoac is a basil Tun KY injection molder specializing in the production of jarsand bottles and is another supporter of UV technology.
\"We use UVcoatings to protect the bottle from scratches and wear and provide a frosted look.
These bottles are molded and sprayed with UV coating and then cured, \"said Paul Horgan, vice president of sales at the company.
\"The biggest advantage is that this process is faster than a traditional coating that has to be heat cured.
\"Are there many similar needs for different businesses?
National cosmetics company, a local physical store or acabinet builder, has similar business goals in meeting the demand side: all demand coatings help them improve the performance of their own products, enable them to comply with regulations and maintain the level of profit in the future.
So whether it\'s a sleek new lipstick, a sunken SUV or a rocking bed --
Drawer front, radiation proof
Curedcoatings can be provided, but only to those who are willing to switch. --
Jenny Herlihy, John Kerry\'s piano and Christine Cunningham Espositocontributed to this article.
On e | 5 \"TechCell\" in Charlotte, \"seeing is true\" on e | 15-in Charlotte on May 3-
5, RadTech International will provide true to the participants
Examples of how far UV and EB technologies have come to life--
Where is it going? -
By showing a special \"TechCell\" area of the floor. Td-
V and EB products will be on display at car dealers, \"UV/ebbuild House\" and other special exhibits.
RadTech\'s UV car and auto repair focus group will set up a section in which attendees can view vehicles using UVcuring as well as future automotive applications.
In addition, the virtual body store will show a demonstration of the use of UV primer for the repair of scratched and sunken parts.
The wood focus group will set up \"house for UV/ebbuild\" with a home office and kitchen included
Finished wood floor, hard wood cabinet and furniture coated with UV powder.
The TechCell area created by the plastic focus group will show the basic application of UV, including stretching using colored coatings to eliminate the myth that UV coatings can only be used on clears.
The adhesive focus group divided its technical group into three groups
Group: pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA)
, Laminated adhesive and assembled adhesive.
UV curing skin contact PSAs will be made on site, laminated adhesive will
The team will use an instant cured UV/eblamin adhesive to distribute samples of snack bags made of laminated materials.
Assemble the adhesive
The Group will display dvd samples laminated with UV Adhesives, as well as other commercial UV/EB-cured products.
For more information about the UV and EBtechnology Association e | 5 and RadTech, please contact Executive Director Gary Cohen (240)497-1242; E-
Email: gary @ radtechorg;
Or Mickey Fortune, director of marketing and business development (240)497-1243; E-
Mail: mickey @ radtechorg.
PRA explore the economy and performance of RADCURE coated AmINKS, June 21-
22 paint Research Association in Manchester, United Kingdom (PRA)
The eighth radiation treatment will be held.
Relevant meeting in June 9.
22 in Manchester, UK, \"RadcureCoatings & Inks: economy and performance\" will publish 17 papers focusing on new developments in the radcure industry, including the impact of economic and technical advantages on coating technology and product manufacturing.
The event will take place at the Bradbury Hall Hotel and Country Club, 10 minutes from Manchester Airport.
For more information, please contact PRA, 8 WaldegraveRoad, Teddington, Middlesex, TW11 8LD UK; 44 (0)20-8614-4800; Fax: 44(0)20 8943-
4705: Website: www. pra. org. uk.
The urge to merge?
What is the new trend of Radcure?
UV curing products with more traditional methods.
In his keynote speech at the last 31 stWaterborne seminars, PPG\'s David Diehl said that he believed that UV and EB technology integration with other technologies \"would be a way.
\"Following these lines, BASF is preparing a new product for the car market, which went public in 2005.
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