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reasons to choose stretch wrap machine over an employee

by:Top-In     2020-07-27
Many companies have been facing frustrating and expensive risks in packaging packages safely and effectively, and sending them to various destinations such as warehouses, as well as at customers\' doorstep.
Any loosely stacked unit or unit with improper manual packaging can easily be displaced and flipped, resulting in damage to the product and loss of brand reputation.
However, they can find an easy way to solve all their dilemmas today by automatically stretching the packaging machine, even its semi-finished products
Automatic version.
There are many reasons why these machines are better than the standard packaging provided by your employees.
Some of them are listed below
Consistent and uniform applications on a human\'s point of view, it is not possible to pack pallets in exactly the same way again and again.
Factors such as distraction and fatigue.
It will play an inevitable role.
However, this is not the case with packing pallets using stretch packaging machines.
No matter how many pallets are packed, the level of packaging for each delivery is always the same high.
Professional packaging no matter how clever the packaging is, the manual packaging is always pale compared to the clear packaging and the clean and professional appearance of the pallet packed by the machine.
This will automatically enhance your company\'s professional image in the minds of customers.
This undoubtedly makes the machine a more sensible choice.
When trying to pack the tray manually, there is a proper and wrong way of packing.
Any errors in the package will eventually cause the product to be crushed or displaced during shipping, resulting in damage.
In order to avoid this, every employee needs to be trained and retrained on a regular basis to prevent any slack.
This itself is an extra cost and hassle for any company.
But it is easy to solve this problem by stretching the packing machine.
There is little training required to operate it.
Just press a button and the work is done.
This alone makes it a very viable option.
The safe manual packing of pallets by employees is a challenging and complex task that makes it easy for people engaged in this work to be injured.
The human body can\'t manipulate 8-
10 lbs weight while putting enough tension into the film to keep the tray load together.
Therefore, the slightest slack and distraction will lead to accidents and work-related injuries.
No matter how much precautions and care you take, you can\'t avoid human error.
However, all these dangerous scenes are eliminated when using the machine.
It offers a safer option to give you more peace of mind.
Given the difficulty of manual packaging, it is not uncommon for employees to start compromising the load integrity of the pallet.
The staff began to look for a good enough package for the pallets to leave their premises in uniform conditions.
They tend to completely ignore the fate of the pallet in transit or the status of the pallet reaching the customer\'s warehouse.
However, this worry and anxiety is automatically eliminated when you start packing through the packaging machine.
The main purpose of packing the tray is to ensure that the tray arrives in good condition in the hands of the customer.
At the same time, every company wants to reduce the cost of packaging as much as possible.
The use of the machine packaging means that it uses the absolute minimum amount of film, completely eliminating waste.
In contrast, the film cannot be stretched evenly and consistently by humans.
Movies are also bound to be wasted due to improper packaging or many other reasons.
Therefore, the packaging of human beings has proved to be a more expensive thing for machine packaging.
Before the cost of the machine is neutralised, it takes a short time and profitability is growing.
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