The pioneer manufacturers of lamination film in China.

recyclers now targeting higher-value engineered resins.

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* Recycling news of the global plastics environment conference of the Plastics Engineers Association (GPEC)
Orlando in Florida
InMarch focuses on PET, nylon and scrap plastics in electronics-
In other words, it is mainly engineering resin of high value, not commodity.
Carpet Recycling won two awards. CARE (
Carpet for US recovery efforts)
Four of the automotive industryyear-
Old programs that promote later reuse
Won the Dan Eberhart Memorial Environmental Management Award.
But the carpet industry\'s involvement in recycling has not started in 2002.
The industry has a long history of using materials in its own products, in the medium term
After 90 s, it began to cooperate with the United States. S.
National groups in the Environmental Protection Agency and the central and western Carpet Recycling working group.
Carpet manufacturers eventually spent hundreds of millions to build recycling infrastructure.
In 2002 care, a seemingly impossible goal was set, that is, 40% recovery.
Carpet consumption by 2012.
This record has been impressive so far.
The industry recovered 0. 225 billion pounds.
In 2005, the consumption carpet a10% increased by more than 2004 year on year.
2006 figures will be released this month.
However, in North America last year, about 5 billion of carpets were landfill, so the current recovery rate is only about 4 lbs. 5%--
From 40% all the way.
But with the increase in the number of collections, the confidence of CARE is also growing.
Cost of recycled carpet fibers--
About 75% of them are nylon. -
By using a more economical drying process and leaving them, it has been reduced-
Ball-making is done to composite materials and molding that reuse fibers.
Successful applications for recycled carpet fibers include
Ground septic tanks and rainwater systems manufactured by infiltration systems
In Winchester, Ky.
Its champion aggregation recycling department.
Approaching the third PP rawmaterial of the parent company from post-Consumer Carpet
Champion melt filters and pelletizesPP fibers are then mixed with other regenerated PP.
Company name: InterfaceFLOR, LLC, lagra, Ga
A company that produces vinyl
Backing carpettiles, after grinding
New carpet backing consumer carpet tiles.
InterfaceFLOR recovered more than 16 million pounds last year and was able to recover 84% of them.
Entec engineering resin, a company in Manchester, Tennessee.
After having your own process reuse nylon 66
Consumer Carpet fiber in custom products.
Even the early repolymerization plant for recycling nylon 6, which has been closed for the past five years, is now back in operation.
The original Honeywell/DSM deaggregate and reaggregate plant of evergreen nylon recycling in Augusta, Ga.
Due to the low price of hexamine and low process efficiency, it is hindered.
Evergreen now belongs to the carpet industry in Dalton, Georgia.
The recycling plant was restarted.
DSM operates the plant for Shaw and improves efficiency.
Nowadays, the price of hexamine is very high, and Shaw uses then repeatedly on his own carpet instead of selling yarn in the commercial market like Honeywell.
Shaw\'s more powerful collection system is expected to collect 100 million
The consumption nylon 6 of evergreen trees, as well as another 0. 2 billion of other carpet types for other purposes.
All these events support Evergreen\'s success this time.
Textile Recycling Company once again awarded the second large environmental award for recycled carpets.
Vernon, California.
The world\'s largest carpet recycler
It recycles nearly 100 million pounds/year laterConsumer CarpetL. A.
Fiber, founded in 1983, was originally recycled from industrial textile waste into fiber products known as Cotton crude.
But with the emergence of the North American Free Trade Agreement, the largest Texas plant in North America began to close. A.
The fiber raw materials are used up.
Because there is no shortage of jobs.
Consumer Carpet, the company adapts to the textile products developed within it
Carpet fiber recycling equipment. L. A.
Fiber is now Handheldinfrared (NIR)
The detector separates the incoming carpet through surface fibers and then packs it through an aggregate type-
Nylon 66, nylon 6, PP and all other products.
Some of them are packed soldoff.
The company also processes one material at a time at Vernon recycling plant, usually for a few weeks at a time.
Its drying process begins by tearing the carpet to pieces, then separating the fibers and removing the backing.
This fiber is repackaged and sold to companies and other end users at home and abroad. L. A.
The fiber is the remaining material. -
Natural fibers, polyester, smaller pieces of carpet and hard-to-identify materials--
Produce a product called \"reliance carpet cushion.
The two companies have launched new automatic flakes --
Classification Module for separation of non-performing electronic waste atGPEC (\"e-waste\")
Grade, that is, the plastic containing flameretardant of Bromo and chlorine.
German S separation and sorting Technology Co. , Ltd (witha new U. S.
Office in Lewiston, New JerseyY. )
Showing the new x
E-ray detector
Scrap, Varisort X.
It can identify the plastic and PVC containing the flame retardant--
\"Don\'t Want\" from e\"waste stream.
E-allow no more than 50 ppm of these contaminants
Waste plastics can be used for commercial purposes, says S. MSS Inc.
Nashville, Tennessee
And just launched the new x-
X-ray detection module for the identification of plastics containing a flame retardant substance of the bromide system.
The new module is now part of MSS e-commerce
Automatic sorting system for electronic waste.
MSS consider using x-
Identify the ray that has a problem with PVC: \"A small piece of PVC is in x-
A company official said.
Powdertech International distributes handheld and automatic resinID devices from IoSys, lattinggen, Germany.
Machine type SSS3-
Slidespec-FR and desktop models
S2 and mlRoSpark can identify halogen flame retardant.
But lab models Slidespec and mlRoSpark also identify polymer types and weights-Metal additives.
The sIRoLine model of the automatic sorting line uses NIR to identify polymers, including PVC and textiles. Micro-
Foam PET film micro green polymer and University
Seattle Washington, D. C. , showed an unusual method on GPEC by saturating micro-foam of discarded PET Films with C. [O. sub. 2]
Gas under high pressure (U. S.
Patents518707 and 5684055).
A roll of PET film (0. 7 I. V. )
First re-wound together with a porous non-woven layer to separate the PET film layer and allow gas to penetrate into the roll.
Then high-pressure C[O. sub. 2]gas in a batch-
Type pressure tank.
Processing time of movie 0. 02 in.
The thickness is 4 to 20 hours depending on the level [O. sub. 2]
Saturation is required.
The saturated film is not wound through heat-
The air oven for 15 to 30 seconds allows the gas in the film to expand but cannot break through the solid surface of the film and then cool down.
Smooth, slightly uniform resultis membranescale (
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