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Reusing Glass Jars, Egg Cartons And Other Ideas For Recycling Food Packaging

by:Top-In     2020-07-19
Mary Mazzoni from earth911: Re-using food packaging before throwing it into a trash can or recycle bin is a great way to save money and reduce household waste.
From food storage to party decoration, these glass jars, plastic containers and tin cans have a large number of useful applications.
But do you know that repeated use of some food packaging can be harmful to the health of your family?
Before re-using the packaged leftovers, please consult earth911\'s re-use safety guide-full of methods, reasons and ways to re-use the packaged leftoversaways. [
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: 10 concept of reuse of food packaging safe reuse: In general, glass containers can be reused indefinitely if cleaned properly.
But be careful with the plastic.
Terrible research linking reusable water bottles and some plastic containers to human health issues has left many consumers hesitant to reuse plastic food packaging.
So how do you decide which plastic containers can be reused safely?
Just turn over the container and look at the numbered plastic.
According to the Green Life website and magazine Green Guide run by the National Geographic Society, the safest plastic to reuse when storing food is made from high
Density Polyethylene (
Plastic #2), low-
Density Polyethylene (
Plastic #4)
And polypropylene (
PP or plastic #5).
Plastic #3, #6, and #7 may filter toxic contaminants when used repeatedly.
So, play safely and stick to it.
The application of these foods.
It is well known that plastic #1 or PET containers (such as plastic bottles) do not penetrate harmful chemicals into the contents when they are reused.
However, many health professionals point out that the small opening at the top of the plastic bottle makes it difficult to clean and dry properly during use, which may cause your bottle to start carrying harmful bacteria.
So, if you are using plastic bottles repeatedly, be sure to clean them carefully or reuse them for non-
Food applications.
What about cans and cartons? Non-
The use of these selected foods is also better.
After opening, steel or \"tin\" cans, such as those used to pack soup and vegetables, should never be used to store food in the refrigerator as they may filter toxins into the food
While eggs, milk, and juice cartons do not transfer chemicals to food when used repeatedly, they are not suitable for reuse and may contain bacteria.
So, stick to crafts and non-
The food is also useful.
In addition, please always consider the original purpose of the packaging before using the packaging to store the food, and do not reuse the packaging used for potential hazardous materials (
Soap and cleaning products, for example)
Store or keep food.
For your safety, do not put the plastic container in the microwave unless the original packaging says safe.
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