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rigid packaging: the can is no dinosaur.

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My favorite childhood memory is the scent that floats from an open can of coffee until today.
I can\'t think of anything that tastes so good.
For a modern generation of coffee drinkers, this memory seems to be out of date, but for me it\'s as fresh and fragrant as it was yesterday.
Before the last spoonful of coffee was used, the coffee was kept in the jar and then there was a race to see who got the empty container.
Whether it\'s for fixing screws and nails in the workshop, for toy drums, or for making bread --
In our family, coffee cans have never been thrown away and they are always recycled before the term recycling becomes a modern buzzword.
Rigid Packaging, often referred to as cans or cans, still has many different shapes and sizes, and has adapted to a vast changing business world.
Coffee and tea are packed in cans, but now the packaging is both beautiful and practical.
As for recycling, you may be surprised to find that the cans are more environment-friendly than many other types of packaging.
So, who is the supplier of rigid packaging materials today?
Several companies are still running around and worth a try.
A business like this is an independent family business. owned and -
An operating manufacturer established in 1929.
Frank Shriver is the head-based vice president of sales.
A dormitory in belkamp, Maryland.
It also has a manufacturing plant in the Financial Times.
A sales office in Madison, Iowa and Ontario, California.
The Belcamp facility is over 350,000 square feet. ft.
A state House. of-the-
Facilities for art Manufacturing, one
Art Department and printing factory.
The company produces a large number of types of tanks, including shape and round slide cover tanks, gas-tight sealed tanks, which can maintain vacuum with easy openings and require plug foil ends and solid ends of the opener.
In coffee and tea areas, they usually make decorative cans or vacuum cans.
Ray Shearn is vice president of sales and marketing at cancorpor, a privately held jar manufacturer that started in 1978 with two facilities in northeastern Pennsylvania.
The company produces nine tanks of different diameters ranging in diameter from 2 2/16 \"to 6 3/16\", each with many different heights.
Most of their cans have fixed ends, which means they can be opened with a can opener, but they also offer complete, easy-to-open ends.
Have you ever heard of coffee sleepless nights in Seattle?
According to ofGourmetLuxe--
Established in 1996--
The first product, packed in a standard black coffee bag.
In early 1998, they completed the design and development of six American gourmet coffees.
They packed Seattle sleepless night coffee in souvenirs and continued to offer the product in coffee bags.
Barbara Ferguson, president, explained that as their market focus was on retail, destination, gift and gourmet shops, they decided to sell 2-oz. and 8-oz. tins.
The lid is a mechanical accessory that places a gold logo seal on the top of the lid and a safety seal on the lid to prevent tampering.
The coffee in the jar is packed in a sealed bag.
The tank case is opened by removing the outer lip seal and gently pulling the lid.
All paint and tin plated plates meet food quality requirements.
Michael Roth, vice president of marketing and operations at TheTin Box, was founded in 1952.
The company is based in Farmington, New York, and the other half is in parts of Hong Kong and China, where all manufacturing is done.
Tin box focuses on unique, novel
China\'s packaging and tools department specializes in shaped tanks and deep relief tanks for \"special\" shapes.
In addition to special shapes, the company also produces typical round, square and rectangular cans common in the industry, producing 15-
20 million cans per year.
Due to their uniqueness, several canned companies in the United States use tin box companies for unique shapes of cans and smaller orders that they do not want tools.
Their client list says \"Who is Who\", including Mars, nabesk, Lipton, Maxwell, Estee Lauder, Holmark and many others. Although J. L.
Clark does not produce \"standard\" coffee cans, and it does produce a variety of different metal packages for the tea and coffee industries.
It is a custom packaging company specializing in the production of metal and plastic packaging. J. L.
Marketing coordinator Jill Porter shared that Clark has been around since 1904.
It is located in Rockford, Illinois;
Lancaster, Pennsylvania;
A factory in San Leandro, California, specializing in the production of coffee for international coffee for ordinary foods;
Jill Porter is the marketing coordinator for J. L. Clark. J. L.
Clark has no production standards-or two-
A pound of vacuum-sealed coffee cans.
All of their metal packaging is highly decorated with a wide variety of shapes and sizes.
International Coffee-
Styletins are produced not only for General Foods, but also for other companies such as asKroger and A & P.
They also produced a variety of metal boxes for tea companies such as Celestial Seasonings and Wagner, and produced unique coffee cans for coffee companies such as Hills\' brothers.
Maxwell and Starbucks. The round one-pound slip-
Disney stores around the world are owned by J. L. Clark.
Barbara Ferguson focuses on retail locations and unique graphics are a very important part of their \"look and feel.
Ferguson explained, \"I believe that the talents combined with the current use of computer programs and printing technology provide an unlimited opportunity to generate Awards --
Amazing graphic design.
I believe it has to start here if you want an amazing product.
\"She attributed the talent of creative designer shestaffs and their understanding of the ability of graphic projects to the unique design of her company.
\"The new technology truly revolves around the capabilities and talents needed at every step of the design and production process, and is driven by these capabilities and talents.
Frank Shriver\'s products are-
He thinks \"it\'s like paper printing, and good or better graphics can be obtained.
\"He also pointed out that because the tinplate is reflective and can be embossed,\" it can produce some very impressive effects.
\"Shriver continue\" we are constantly adding new dimensions and shapes to our program, allowing the use of graphics on different structures.
Many of our customers
Therefore, we can process a particular shape if it is needed.
\"Michael Ross believes that graphics are so important to their work, and he provides additional services that he does not think the market is offering.
\"We have a complete
House art employees work with customers when designing the right product to meet their packaging needs.
We have artists in both the New York office and the Hong Kong office.
This limits [creative]
Development time the customer will work with the external design organization to carry out the packaging design.
Remember, make a special note in the tin box.
Jill Porter believes that much progress has been made in making graphics that jump off the shelves. Computer-
The auxiliary artwork is accurate to 1/3000 and registered to 1/1/10.
We use the Internet to forward artwork and testimonials via \"ClarkArt Newwork\", or we can forward through a part of our website to speed up the approval process of artwork and shorten the production time.
The art of decorating metal still requires a highly skilled stonemason, but the decoration on the printing machine can guarantee very high quality registration and reduce waste.
Ray Shearn sums up the new technology succinctly: \"The progress applied to graphics can rotate around larger presses and be able to place more colors at a time.
In addition, computer control improves the consistency and quality of graphics.
\"The impact of rigidity on the environment
\"One of the great advantages of over-flexible packaging of tinplate containers is environmental issues,\" Frank Shriver said . \".
\"Steel is the largest recycled material, and the recycled material accounts for a large part.
These cans can be recycled 100% after they are emptied.
He also pointed out that if tin is decorative, it is rarely thrown away when it is empty, but is used as a collection or reuse.
Shriver said, \"As for the advantages of flexible packaging and rigid packaging, flexible packaging is thrown away, causing two problems;
First, it fills the landfill, and second, the information is thrown away.
Tin is kept around and reused and then serves as a powerful reminder of high quality products.
Ray Shearn agrees, \"Steel is the most recycled material in China, and it is also a 100% biodegradable material if it is not recycled.
In a relatively short period of time, it will completely return to nature.
More flexible for some-
Layered packaging with complete degradation. Also, multi-
Layered plastic is not easy to recycle due to different substrates.
He added that the other benefits of the cans are
Life, and greater protection from external abuse during transportation and handling.
Barbara Ferguson said bluntly, \"I don\'t believe in the standard foil --
Lined coffee bags are easy for the environment.
In fact, it is non-biodegradable.
Tin, on the other hand, can be reused in most homes.
Our research shows that consumers keep these cans because they are beautiful, and most people refuse to keep them because they remind them of the special cities they live in or on vacation.
We find that consumers will also reuse them for other foods such as sweets and many household items.
Our cans can also be recycled in the metal recycling bin.
Cans are a great choice if a customer wants a reusable, reusable, or collectible container.
Michael Ross added, \"there\'s one in a decorative tin box
Consumers want products with added value. \" RIGID VS.
Flexible Packaging-
Which is better?
Which packaging is better, Ferguson believes, \"marketing has driven this answer.
Our marketing is centered on the development of original and unique gift products;
We don\'t copy anyone.
We realize that rigid packaging is more expensive, although it may not be suitable for the price --
Sensitive markets such as grocery stores in a high
\"End the gift or gourmet market\" is the focus of the company\'s attention.
Ferguson also believes that strict packaging helps to increase the perceived value and pressure of people, \"packaging must be developed with clear consideration of your expected market.
Shriver added another point: \"rigidity may be better or better depending on the reason for the packaging.
Flexible packaging is usually cheaper ,[used for]
Daily packaging.
If the customer is interested in brand building and eyes
Cans are better on the shelves.
Tin is reused as a billboard for the brand at home.
It is difficult to fill a brand\'s jar with other brands of coffee or tea.
Cans are also collected and 100% are recyclable.
Shearn concluded, \"rigid packaging is better than flexible packaging for many applications.
It is stronger, has a longer shelf life, has more abuse and is completely recyclable.
According to Jill Porter, \"rigid packaging has always had a place in the coffee and tea industry.
Consumers still like the feel of tin or cans of tea and coffee products, as well as the decorative quality of promotional tin.
Metal can be decorated in bright colors and emboss or form interesting shapes to make the product stand out.
Cans as gifts are very popular, especially during the festival.
Many consumers tell us that they buy flexible packaged products but store them in reusable cans.
One of the most striking comments on \"rigid . \"
Michael Ross had a \"flexible\" packaging debate.
Rigidpackaging offers \"permanent advertising, our customers have their name on the product, a\" tin box \"that stays in the hearts of consumers forever \".
\"While the rigid packaging is not new, it is definitely not adinymur.
It changes and adapts to changes in the market environment.
Better graphics and greater size flexibility make this reliable old package a hot \"new product \".
Of course, if the basic integrity of the product does not sound good, it will not be compromised.
It\'s a good thing to see this package appear on the list that gets better with age.
Shea fruit Sturdivant Terracin is a famous historical Specialty Coffee Association USA, an international consulting company in Atlanta, Georgia, College of Business Administration, BauderCollege, and the Association of cooperating coffee to bring coffee education and solutions to the market.
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