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ril commissions 2 plants for polyester plastic

by:Top-In     2020-08-09
Reliance Industries Co. , Ltd. today announced the production of two petrochemical plants for the manufacture of polyester plastics for clothing, packaging, food and beverage and plastic bottles.
The RIL says it has commissioned 1,150 tons of refined benzene diacid per year (PTA)
Plant and 650 kta pet Resin (
Capacity of Dahej in Gujarat.
PTA is used in the manufacture of polyester plastic, for the production of various products from clothes, household goods to beverage bottles.
PET is a form of polyester (
Like clothing fabric)
For extrusion or molding in plastic bottles and containers for packaging food and beverages, personal care products and other products.
After the production of the PTA plant built using Invista technology, \"total reliance on PTA capacity will increase to 3.
In a statement, the company said: \"2 million tons per year, the share of global production capacity . \".
The raw material for the PTA plant, Paraxylene, comes from the company\'s refinery in Jamnagar.
It also integrates forward with the 640 kta pet plant in the same complex.
\"Integrated operations will help reduce operating costs and generate full chain profits,\" the company said . \"
\"Another PTA plant with similar capacity is being built in the same location.
This will drive the reliance of the world\'s top five PTA manufacturers.
\"India is the second largest producer of polyester fiber with a production of 5.
There are 4 million tons per year.
The Polyester Market in India is 8-
Ten per cent per year.
At present, the PTA market gap in India exceeds 1.
There are 5 million tons per year.
The current capacity will partially cover the deficit.
\"The production of the PTA plant has pushed India to self-
\"The supply of PTA is sufficient, in line with Prime Minister Modi\'s vision of \'Made in India\',\" PTA said . \".
The PET factory consists of two production lines with a total capacity of 650 KTA.
The plant was built with Invista continuous polymerization technology and Buhler AG solid state polymerization technology.
\"This is one of the largest bottle-grade PET resin capacity in a single location in the world.
This reinforces Reliance\'s position as a leading PET resin producer with more than 1.
\"The capacity of PET resin is 15 million tons,\" the company said . \"
The company said the new capacity of PET resin will be applied to the packaging of water, carbonated soft drinks, medicines and other foods and beverages.
\"Reliance\'s new capacity will greatly help the downstream bottle and packaging industry to meet the growing demand in India and the region,\" Reliance said . \".
India is one of the fastest growing markets for PET packaging, with demand growing by 15-
20 per cent per year.
At present, the global production capacity of effective PET resin is 30 tons.
PTA and monoethylene glycol (MEG)
Two ingredients for the new pet factory are available in the complex.
This provides a significant logistics advantage in the form of reduced shipping costs and consistent product quality
Supply of housing raw materials.
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