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robust, self-healing superhydrophobic fabrics prepared by one-step coating of pdms and octadecylamine

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A robust, self-
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The fabric is manufactured by a convenient solution
The immersion method using an easy-to-obtain material system consisting of polyzhengdione and octadine (ODA).
Surface roughness is from
In the absence of any exposure steps or the addition of any nano-material, the ODA coating on PET fibers is roughened.
The fabric coating is able to withstand 120 laundry and 5000 wear without significantly changing the super-drain.
What\'s more interesting is that this fabric can restore its super liquid
Even after 20000 wear cycles, the repellent performance at room temperature for 72 km/h.
At the same time, after chemical damage, the fabric can automatically recover super-drain at room temperature for 12 hours or within a short period of time
Time heating treatment.
We expect that this simple but effective coating system may lead to the development of robust protective clothing for a wide range of applications.
Juzheng Dione (
Silicone rubber, Sylgard 184 Silicone elastic kit with silicone rubber substrate and curing agent components)
It was purchased from Dow Corning.
Eighteen amine (ODA)
It was purchased from Aladdin industrial. , Ltd.
Four hydrogen furan (THF)
And got distilled water commercially. Soap powder (
Qi Qiang Cohen brand of nafei Chemical Group Co. , Ltd. , Ltd. , China)
The main raw material purchased from the supermarket is sodium twelve benzene ester.
All chemicals were used without further purification. PET fabric (
Plain 16 u2009 16 u2009 × u2009 10,84 u2009 × u2009 35,230 u2009 g/m)
It was purchased from the local market. this is a kind of polyester (
Ethylene and pet)().
A silicone rubber solution was prepared by dissolving the silicone rubber of 1 μg and 0 to 0.
The sulfur agent of 1g is invested in 48.
A solution of 4 F of 9g.
The solution is ultrasound for 15 min to form A solution. ODA (2u2009g)
Dissolved into THF (48u2009g)
Solution B is formed by heating.
Before coating treatment, mix solution A and B together to form A coating solution.
Then sample PET fabric (10u2009cmu2009×u200910u2009cm)
Immerse yourself in-
The prepared coating solution was 3 min and finally dried at 40 °c for 30 min to obtain silicone rubber/ODA-
Coated PET fabric.
For the sake of comparison, the principle is
Coated PET fabric and ODA-
The coated PET fabric was also prepared with the same procedure, during which the silicone rubber solution was prepared by dissolving 1g of silicone rubber and 0.
The sulfur agent of 1g into 98.
The official development assistance for the preparation of the aqueous solution for the aqueous solution of the 9 u2009 g is the heating of the 98 u2009 g 2 u2009 g 4 F solution.
Scanning electron microscope (SEM)
Got the image on Hitachi S-
The 4800-field emission scanning electron microscope operates at an accelerated voltage of 3kv.
The sample was splashed.
Apply gold before checking.
The surface composition of the coating passes through X-
Optoelectronic energy spectrum (
XPS of XPS ols axis)
Use Al k alpha radiation in 90 dosesoff angle.
All binding energy values were calibrated using C1\'s reference peak at 284. 6u2009eV.
Evaluate the spectrum using version 2 of Casa XPS Software. 3.
15 from Casa Software Co. , Ltd. (United Kingdom).
Symmetric GL (30)
The shape of the line is applied, which includes a Gaussian (70%)
And Lorenzo (30%)component.
Water Contact Point (CA)
A portion of the fabric was measured on a video optical contact angle system with a deionic drop of 5 μ l (
Dat20, Data Physics, Germany)
Take images with a digital camera at room temperature.
Report value of CA and sliding angle (SA)
Determined by the mean values measured at five different points on the surface of each sample.
According to the improved procedure based on AATCCA test method 8-2001, the wear resistance of super-drain fabric was tested.
The test is carried out under the commercial wear tester (Y571L(A)
Lai Zhou, China).
In our experiments, coated-free fabrics are partners in wear.
The sample is fixed on the stainless steel column and moved repeatedly at a load pressure of 45 kPa (
200mm for a cycle).
After a certain Wear cycle, the CA of the friction area of the sample was tested.
According to the AATCC test method 61-2003 Test number, the washing durability of super-drain fabric is tested by standard procedure1A.
Wash fabric samples using washing machines (SW-
12 AII, Darong, China)
At 40 °c, water containing 0.
37 wt % soap powder and 10 stainless steel balls with a diameter of 6mm and a weight of 0. 9u2009g.
After washing for 45 min, rinse the washed samples with rich tap water to remove the residual detergent and dry at 40 °c without tension.
CA and SA are then measured.
This standard washing procedure is equivalent to five cycles of washing in a home machine.
For convenience, we used a considerable number of household machine cleaning in this work.
In order to study the effect of washing temperature on the super-drain performance, we have also carried out the above research
Mention the washing process at 80 °c
By immersing the sample in aqueous solution with different pH values, the chemical durability of the super-drain fabric was evaluated.
Use YZD08-etching the substrate by air plasma to evaluate the healing ability of the super-drain fabric
5C plasma vacuum cleaner (
Yan Zhao Institute of Science and Technology, Tangshan, China)
Place at high vacuum at 19 W power for 1 min, then store or heat at room temperature to achieve self
Healing measured by super-drain and CA.
This plasma treatment can make the fabric hydrophilic by CA at about 50 °.
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