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tempered glass screen protector or plastic film for the galaxy s8?

by:Top-In     2020-08-05
A long time ago, when the front of the smartphone was ordinary flat glass, it was a cake to buy a tempered glass screen protector ---
Almost any brand can work and work well.
The tempered glass screen protector I bought for my girlfriend\'s iPhone 6 three years ago still works and looks perfect so far.
But then the phone display began to make things difficult because it was no longer so simple.
They started bending, turning, and twisting in a way that the gadget screen never had ---
Since then, manufacturers of tempered glass screen protectors have had headaches.
Like most smartphone trends today, in 2015, the two South Korean tech giants took the lead in launching the curved screen movement, when LG and Samsung released flagship products with screens that seemed
LG\'s G4 has a subtle inward curve (like a banana)
Samsung\'s S6 Edge has a dramatic curve on the left and right sides of the screen.
The bending properties of the screens of these two devices make the work of the tempered glass protection company more difficult.
They can no longer produce a plain flat glass that can be attached to any phone as long as the size is correct.
The company had to make glass that was bent along with the equipment screen.
Due to the sensitivity of the curved tempered glass screen, the tempered glass protector can no longer have adhesive on the entire side of the glass (
This is what the flat tempered glass protector does).
Instead, since there is no better term, the curved screen tempered glass protector can only have adhesive on the edge, leaving the middle, not the stickiness.
In the early days of bending the phone, these \"only edge sticky\" tempered glass protectors were horrible.
In the middle of the screen protector (
Because it has no adhesive)
Does not touch the screen completely, causing a major problem with the touch sensitivity.
This is such a big problem for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (
Released on 2015)
The results of Google\'s search for \"tempered glass Galaxy\" show that from Reddit to XDA, there are dozens of threads on the forum warning users not to waste money on them.
Eventually, tempered glass came up with a solution to the problem of touch sensitivity, which is to use the \"dot matrix\" technology originally developed for the windshield of the car.
Basically, a small point helps the screen protector touch the display to a point (
But don\'t stick to it all the time, it will lead to easy cracking).
But using the dot matrix pattern causes another problem: the rainbow effect \"(
The scientific term is Newton ring).
This is a light reflection between the two glasses (
Phone Display and tempered glass screen protector not glued to the display screen 100%)
It can be distracting.
More on Forbes: The new Chinese phone is a complete clone of the Galaxy s8. The good news is that the bullhorn ring is the most noticeable when the display is off (
As shown in my photo above)
, Most of it disappears once the screen is on.
The last issue with the tempered glass screen protectors is that they tend to catch muck/dust/dirt.
This is never a problem on a flat tempered glass protector.
The curved ones must be doubled on the adhesive as they rely entirely on the edges to keep everything in place.
I admit that the collection of dust and muck on the edges of the S8 made me crazy-
But I\'m a snob that likes everything pure and clean (
I don\'t even use boxes on my phone).
I found it helpful to wipe the edges with an alcohol wipes, but it never looks completely clean. . .
Plastic film screen protector.
I have two Galaxy s8 and I have been using a tempered glass screen protector on one and a plastic film protector on the other (
Samsung official version).
All defects of tempered glass protector (
Newton ring, dust trap, point matrix)
Not suitable for plastic film protectors that are seamlessly installed.
From the first day of purchase, I have a plastic film protector (
It\'s been more than two months now)
Fit is still almost perfect except for a little bubble (
But it\'s all my fault. . .
I have explained it in the video below).
So if you are a person who can\'t stand the point or dirt, the plastic film protector may be a way, but the tempered glass provides more protection because ultimately--
There is an extra hardened glass on it, and the plastic film is just a fragile piece of plastic.
I feel that if I throw a small stone on the screen of both phones, the device with tempered glass protector will suffer less damage.
The tempered glass protector I bought for S8 was fantastic and it worked really well in addition to these three defects.
I can report no touch sensitivity issues-
I can type as fast as I can on an uncovered monitor--
The texture of the glass is better than that of the plastic film.
So whether you\'re buying the Galaxy S8 or the upcoming iPhone 8, you have to make a decision: you want to go to the glass market for more protection, but there\'s some minor annoyance, or plastic, looks cleaner?
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