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Tesla expands its portfolio to produce solar roof tiles

by:Top-In     2020-08-01
Los Angeles (AFP)-
Tesla, an electric car maker, launched a solar roof for eco-friendly homes on Friday.
\"Global warming is a serious crisis and what we need to do about it,\" company founder Elon Musk said at a press conference at Universal Studios Los Angeles . \".
Musk pointed out that electric vehicles in the past \"don\'t look very good \". . .
They\'re like a golf cart, \"but right now, the first movers, including Hollywood stars and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, want Tesla cars very much.
Solar panels need to undergo the same shift, he said.
\"We need to make them as attractive as electric cars.
\"The goal is to make the solar roof look better than the ordinary roof, generate longer power and have better insulation,\" Musk said. \"In fact, his total cost is lower than the price of the ordinary roof plus electricity . \".
\"Why are you buying something else?
\"Tesla teamed up with solar panel maker SolarCity to capture 5% of the market,\" Musk said.
Roof tiles are made of very strong tempered glass, high
Efficiency of solar cells and color films.
\"We expect to start installing these roofs sometimes next year,\" Musk said . \".
He has also introduced an updated version of Tesla Powerwall, a compact solar cell that can provide energy to homes or businesses.
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