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that\'s a wrap! 3 diy party decorations made from wrapping paper scraps

by:Top-In     2020-02-18
Unwrap a pair of pajamas from mom, take out the candle holder from Clank, and take out a tweed cloak from your animal skin to let you swim in a beautiful paper pool!
Instead of throwing it in the trash can, put them aside so you can try these simple and eco-friendly things
Nice holiday decor!
Dazzling disco ball material: foam craft ball shiny wrapping paper craft glue scissors step: 1.
The more foil you have to spare, the larger the foam plastic ball.
When unfolding, make sure your paper can be completely wrapped around the foam ball you chose before you start. 2.
Cut the tin paper into small squares. 3.
Draw a small circle of craft glue on the foam ball and stick the \"tile\" to the glue with a circular pattern. 4.
Using the first circle as a guide, continue to glue the tiles on the rings around the ball.
After the ball is covered, dry it. 5.
Create rings where the ball can be hung using needles and lines.
Hang on the ceiling as an ornament or put a few in a bowl to create the center of a festival!
Paper scraps material: color wrapping paper glue stick scissors steps: 1.
Pick two of them.
The size of the wrapping paper, with a white face glued to each other. Let dry. 2.
Cut the paper into small pieces.
Square inches. 3.
Collect pieces in a special bowl or give the party guests some small bags.
You know what to do when the clock rings twelve!
Holiday napkin ring material: 3 different patterns of wrapping paper scissors cloth napkinsSteps: 1.
Cut each piece of wrapping paper into parts about 4 inch wide and 15 inch long. 2.
The width of each section should be carefully wrinkled
So the paper formed a rope.
Make these three together as if you want a lock hair. 3.
Place the napkin in the center of the braid, and then tie the braid around the napkin.
Cut the ends of the braids into stripes to add a little more energy!
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