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the 10 best electric shavers and beard trimmers for men

by:Top-In     2020-08-06
When Jacob hiker filed a patent for the world\'s first electric shaver, he couldn\'t imagine how complicated today\'s electric shaver and beard trimmer would be.
The best electric shaver is divided into two categories: foil and rotating blade.
The Blade of the foil shaver is covered with a curved metal film sliding on your face.
On the other hand, the Rotary Shaver is made up of three or four round heads that are circular motion around your face profile.
Foil razors have no effect on the skin and are ideal for people who are sensitive to the skin, who are prone to shaving rashes.
Rotating razors are the right choice for men with rough hair on their faces and they need more power in the trim department.
With the arrival of new technology every year, the male beauty market is already full of innovation, with so many outstanding razors, it\'s hard to tell the wood of the trees, so we put together the best electric shavers.
From Philips to Braun, the best beard trimmer in all markets is here.
£ 185, Amazon Rome was not built in a day, and the Brown Series 9 was not designed overnight.
In fact, a team of 60 scientists and engineers from 10 different disciplines completed the final product within five years.
The end result is a quick and gentle shave.
Sonic technology allows the blade to scrape so fast, the skin has no time for allergies, and the shaver is able to read the facial profile and maintain contact with the skin, so, significantly reduces the risk of cutting the top layer of the skin and any irritation that comes with it. You\'ll be hard-
Press to find a better product than this Braun electric shaver, it is perfect for trimming three
Stubble or beard during the day. 10/10£169.
07, Amazon\'s latest addition to the Panasonic beauty series is excellent ES-LV95.
It\'s all screaming.
From the huge charging and cleaning dock to the shaver itself.
This is a real behemoth.
It was a bit scary at the beginning, especially for those who are not active.
But, more importantly, it\'s really good, shaving is very fast and accurate, with a few options.
You can choose a wet shave (
Waterproof 100 pc), or a dry one.
The five blades give you a tight shave, and the trim function is just right for those who want to keep some stubble.
It charges quickly and has plenty of shaving time and comes with a handy leather travel bag.
Top accessories for Panasonic series and bathrooms. 9/10£84.
99. Some people think Amazon Philips is the godfather of a rotating razor.
Philishave became synonymous with rotary shaving, as Hoover did with vacuum shaving or tape shaving before the company eliminated the name in 2006.
Since then, the brand has brought their strength in rotating shaving to this reliable model with precision blades and waterproof capabilities.
The best 8/10.
39. AmazonDan Gregory of Man Made recommends this reliable foil shaver.
\"Foil razors generally do not cause rash or irritation,\" he said . \".
He pointed out that
Flex 3D head is a key feature as it allows the shaver to work around the contours of the face, chin and neck.
Gregory is also a fan of the lock feature, which can help define clear lines. 8/10£124.
97, for those with a keen eye for design and an obsession with detail, Philips Beard Trimmer 9000 is one of the state-of-the-art ways to keep stubble order.
Philips fine-tune through the laser guide to help you achieve the perfect straight line --
Even try more complex styles.
It has 17 LED display lengths from 0.
Philips offers good versatility from 4mm to 7mm, and its steel blades are also 100pc waterproof-
Perfect for quick cleaning.
More importantly, double
The side Trimmer also makes it easier to scrape those hard --to-reach areas. 8/10£49.
95. Amazon shave in front of the shower or mirror with this handy Remington foil shaver, even the most stubborn stray hair.
With a blade design, this compact men\'s Shaver can lift up the annoying hair and comes with a rough handle that easily follows the facial profile to achieve a close shave.
Simple, practical and efficient. 8/10£49.
99, Gregory ArgosDan babylisss iStubble, recommended by many customers.
\"It\'s great because you don\'t need to install guards or something like that on it,\" he said . \".
\"It has an already connected guard on it, you can pull the guard back and it will clip in the back, if you want a short stubble or a line, it allows you to make it zero.
\"It\'s like a digital Size Guide --
You just press it.
It also tells you in millimeters that this is useful because it allows you to say, \'My baby, I\'m 4 years old.
So, we [barbers]
Can be used as a reference. It\'s fantastic. \"8/1032.
99, ArgosIf if you don\'t mind charging overnight, 3040 is a reliable option at an affordable price, and it can do anything from finishing designer stubble to keeping full beard.
It has two removable trim combs and 39 length settings between 0 and 20mm. The eight-
The hourly charge is a bit of a disadvantage, but it can also be plugged into the power supply and adjusted to any voltage between 100V and 240 V. 7/10£92.
The MB4040 allows the user to make a decision between short, medium or long stubble or anywhere between the two.
For anyone who wants to shave quickly in the morning, this is a good call because it\'s better to use dry and only give a quiet buzz if you\'re the first to shave at home
It\'s titanium.
Coated blade, MB4040 is a trusted trimmer, whether it is in the life of a lithium battery or for a long timeDurable for a long time. 7/10£42.
In a market filled with rotating gadgets, flashing digital displays and multiple blades, Philips one blade is a refreshing and simple choice.
In addition to the usual foil or rotating razor route, one blade still benefits from the latest technology with blades that move 200 times per second under a polymer shield.
Designed for those who want to design on a regular basis instead of cleaning their shaving, One blade can trim, edge and shave as you like.
7/10 There are some great razors out there
Of course our furry faces are happy.
Phillips is the godfather of electric razors, and their 5000 series is indeed a masterpiece of genius.
Panasonic ES-
LV95 is also a very good multi-function option.
But the time and effort Borang put into the ninth series of razors does pay off.
You will get a gentle and smooth shave of a foil, but it has enough toughness to remove any rogue hair.
It is the ideal shaving choice for every man.
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