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The 1990s is known to have produced a plethora

by:Top-In     2020-07-24
1. Toy Story. A critical and commercial classic, the subtle humor of Toy Story is the icing on the cake for this all-around enjoyable film starring the unlikely pairing of Tim Allen and Tom Hanks. Between Woody's uncanny feelings of jealousy, Buzz Lightyear's overconfident space attitude, and the satirical dynamics of the relationship between Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, Toy Story - perhaps unintentionally - landed itself a label as one of the best comedies of 1995. 2. Clueless. Arguably the original 'Mean Girls,' the film - which stars Alicia Silverstone and Brittany Murphy - is a film adaptation of the popular television show that takes an inside look at the workings of high school social hierarchy. The comedy pits social classes against one another and more hysterically pokes fun at the absurdities and inevitable awkwardness of life in high school, with scenes of Cher (Silverstone) naively having a crush on a homosexual character and ridiculous mall shopping sprees disguised as therapy for the worn teenage soul. 3. Bad Boys. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence team-up for a testosterone-loaded comedy/action film where the pairing stumbles across the city of Miami as police officers in search of their big break as they uncover a possible drug bust. The film finds most of its humor through the wise-cracking between Lawrence and Smith, which comes off as natural and lighthearted enough to make an otherwise daunting movie type that much easier to swallow. 4. Billy Madison. Largely known as Adam Sandler's breakthrough film, 'Billy Madison' is a charming, quirky film about an 'idiot' in the waiting pit to inherit his father's multi-million-dollar corporation. With the inherently funny, eccentric impersonations of Sandler and quotable writing, 'Billy Madison' heralds as not just a comedy great of 1995, but the 90s in general. 5. Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls. Jim Carrey's hilarious role as pet detective Ace Ventura continued with laugh-out-loud scenes from the sequel 'When Nature Calls.' Employing admirable physical comedy techniques and witty dialogue courtesy of the writers' over-the-top sense of humor, Ace is sent on a long-winded journey rescuing animals and eventually being chased by African tribes.
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