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the 50 best luggage

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Com, 355 Rimowa is a luggage brand with more than a century of experience under its belt.
It\'s new salsa in the air.
The cab trolley is the lightestever case. Multi-
The steering wheel makes the operation easy, and the password lock makes it a safe choice. Kiplingkipling.
Com of 157 Kipling has the lightest luggage on the market.
The age of bulky old boxes has passed.
This Yubin Spin 55 is equipped with wheels on a swivel 360 degree stand, making it easy to drive the chassis in those tricky queues at the airport. BHSbhs. co.
In Britain, there is no need to break the bank when buying luggage for £ 70.
BHS series luggage is made by hard-
Wearing a lightweight case with TSA approved locks, Extender for extra space and fiveyear guarantee.
River Island.
Com, £ 65 for those who like to make a statement with travel accessories, this gold metal wheel suitcase from River Island will work.
Not just a beautiful box, it also includes internal straps used to secure the package and various internal compartments for the organization.
Silkworm Duckharrods.
Com, £ 274, these pre-drop cabin carts are new members of the Mandarina Duck luggage collection.
They are made of polycarbonate, light weight, scratch resistant, shockproof and heat resistant, placed in stone
Inspiration mode.
Who said luggage must be boring? Tumiselfridges.
Com, if you like your luggage is actually indestructible, then the box for Tumi Tegra lite is for you.
This is the strongest light baggage on the market, used by the army for body armor, NFL players for shoulder pads. Eastpakeastpak.
Com, this box of the new Cloud 7 series of 175 Eastpak has a few beautiful tricks, and its sleeves hide removable compartments that turn into backpacks and hide the extra
Storage space, all in a very light and compact package. Bricsselfridges.
Com, £ 395, avoid all these huge checks
The cost of this small but perfect Italian luggage label, the BRIC travel bag.
It\'s a bright yellow taxi, just a shadow of your mood during the holidays.
Jasper Conland wants three mountains. com, £119.
The designer of 99 debenhams expanded to the baggage department, and Jasper Conran designed a series of boxes for Tripp.
This stylish black carry-on avoids the chaos of a carousel
In the case of simulating the crocodile.
Weekend Pack: Mark and Spencer.
Whether you\'re buying groceries, cashmere jumpers or new duvets, Marks and Spencer are a name you can trust, making its luggage collection a safe bet.
This chic quilting handbag comes from a new redesign
Launch collection.
Face in the north.
This Basecamp luggage bag is the best seller of leading outdoor companies.
This may not be the most attractive weekend event, however, it is made of durable nylon with reinforced stitching and is one of the most practical. Fred Perrymy-wardrobe.
Com, 80 Fred Perry\'s deep indigo canvas grip overnight bag will add style to any ongoing event --away wardrobe.
For those who like to travel light, this is the perfect choice for a weekend getaway.
Rocha John Rocha Debenham
Com, if you\'re looking for an eternal weekend bag but don\'t give up the style factor, then this classic tan leather weekend bag from the Debenhams Rocha John Rocha designer collection should meet the requirements.
Crew Clothing. co.
British, £ 65 got this British weekend pack from the crew of outdoor clothing company, incorporating the Olympic spirit.
Themed in blue and white with the GBR logo, it is the perfect accessory for sports travelers.
Mimi berrymiberry. co.
The Zermatt bag of the British luxury leather goods brand Mimi Berry is a lifetime bag.
Made from quality Italian leather and made in the UK, this will be the ideal companion for discerning travelers.
This bold-patterned bag is properly named \"Miami weekend \". The colour-
Even if your destination is not that charming, the block mode will make you feel the spirit of South Beach. Primarkprimark. co.
In the UK, £ 10, holiday expenses are getting higher and higher, and there is a good reason to look for luggage transactions.
Primark stands out from this polo bag and is perfect for a weekend getaway and a £ 10 steal. Burtonburton. co.
UK, £ 26, if it\'s bland and the average color is not your thing, go to Burton and find some brighter colors.
The end of this nylon weekend pack comes with orange and white stripes that give a sense of movement.
Beauty Bag: Sang mulberry.
Com, £ 175, carry your travel essentials in style with this cognac wash
Bag from typical British brand Mulberry.
This bag is made from the classic sommaterial material Scottish grain, with durability in mind. Espritesprit.
Com, £ 15, if practical cleaning
You\'re after this Super Bag.
Light makeup bags should do the trick.
It has a suspension, multiple compartments for tissue and a complete
Convenient length zipper.
Anya in Schindler mare rete mirabilea-porter.
Com, British designer Anya sindemage\'s 225-pound fashion tour of this vanity package.
Keep your beauty essentials organized with numerous compartments.
In addition, the black cosmetic case comes with a chic gold zipper and lettering along with the brand\'s trademark bow.
Com, £ 45, transport classic style toiletries with this timeless sailing stylethemed wash-
The bags of Italian handmade bag making machine Calabrese are famous for its excellent workmanship. This wash-
The bag is made of cotton and is decorated with leather, so it will be small. Guccinet-a-porter.
Com, £ 160, with the signature GG pattern printed, this is a wash
Bag with serious fashion certificate.
Invest in Gucci leather
Cut canvas cosmetic case for the ultimate luxury travel accessories. Matalanmatalan. co.
British, 6 mataran is famous for its fashion collection
The forward stock is all sold at an amazing low price, so if you don\'t want to splash water on the bag of toiletries, this canvas toiletries-
The bag is a bargain for 6.
Forever 21 years old. com, £7.
40 naughty people from the American fashion chain will always love this makeup bag.
It is equipped with two clear compartments and multiple zip sections to ensure that all your beauty essentials are kept in order.
A small square in London.
Com, £ 495 this cream vintage cosmetic case from Aspinal reminds one of the more fascinating things about a trip.
If you feel nostalgic and are willing to splurge, there is no more way to transport your cosmetics.
Com, £ 399, you can only expect good things from the luggage that made the original Swiss knife from the razinox.
Spectra 32 suitcase with lifetime warranty and bag-
Follow the plan in case you put the wrong place.
Lineahousoffraser. co.
Britain, if it feels patriotic for a year, that\'s it.
Let your luggage help with this joint Jack theme case.
This case is not just a novel project, but also a five.
A year guarantee to make sure it goes further.
Com, Córdoba Duo hybrid trunk is none
Nonsense Traveler
It\'s soft.
Edge shell made of 600
Dernier polyester means it is durable without adding any weight. Trippdebenhams. com, £150UK-
The exclusive luggage retailer based on travel label Tripp, Debenhams, has become a hit
Build a brand with good value and high-quality cases.
This Super Lite II suitcase is very long.
Long distance travel solutions. Antlerantler. co.
This £ 199 large suitcase from the Antler\'s Liquis series in the UK is designed to use its hard polycarbonate housing and patented wheel system to exceed the roughest baggage handlers.
Lulu guinneshouseoffraser. co.
In the UK, there will be no confusion on the conveyor belt of this suitcase. The hard-
The shell is bright red and decorated with the lipstick pattern of British accessories designer Lulu Guinness.
Globetrotter globetrotter1897. com, £760An A-
List of clients: Queen Elizabeth II, Winston Churchill and captain Scott are enjoying the craft of these handmade luxury boxes.
Globaltrekmatalan. co. UK, £ 45, No.
No need to spend a lot of money but finish the work then this is a winner. In hard-
It looks much more expensive than the price of £ 45.
Com, 100The Prime II 60 wheeled suitcase is a 3-in-
1 travel bag solution.
With its adjustable strap, you can use it as a backpack, backpack or extend the top handle and turn it.
Paul Smith. co.
In Britain, there is no parachute in Paul Smith\'s parachute backpack.
Instead, its name comes from the sturdy fabric and superior construction of this impressive backpack, making it ideal for a long trip. Vaudevaude.
This backpack is in one eye-
For those of you who want to mix a backpack/suitcase, catching yellow is a great option.
Vaude\'s Rails 60 style also has the benefit of a zipper that can be opened all the way, so you can pack like a suitcase. APCmrporter.
Com, 60 people familiar with the matter have fallen in love with the urban cool of the cult French brand APC.
Pick up the two of it-
The tone backpack is made of lightweight nylon with a capacity of 27 liters: considering portability and practicality.
Kathmandu. co. uk, £169.
99 This hybrid trolley bag from the outdoor clothing and equipment company is a popular bag for those who enjoy a more active holiday.
Whether it\'s on your back or as a trolley case, it\'s easy to handle, lightweight and durable. Sandqvistmy-wardrobe.
Com, if you are looking for a simple bag that is both durable and comfortable, then this navy canvas bag from Stockholm
Anton sandwest, a bag-based designer, may just be a problem: simple design is practical.
The Global Meridian package of the 120 adventure brand Karrimor will be suitable for those who love the holidaysthe-
Go has a range of convertible handle options, lockable zippers, and main opening sections in book style. Vangovango. co.
UkThis Challenger bag is ideal for business people or for short trips.
It can be worn on your back or pulled as a trolley.
It has plenty of room to change and a laptop compartment.
Kit: Michael Korsneta-porter.
Com, £ 30, because the total number of gadgets in hand luggage has reached, avoid potential technical disasters with the right storage solution.
This bright blue neoprene case will ensure the safe storage of your iPad.
Olkielyjohnlewis. com, £99.
95 put your gadget in this laptop bag with Orla Kiely quaint Oak print, Orla Kiely is a brand that sees the Duchess of Cambridge as a fan.
Internal pocket with padding for 13 inch laptop.
Com, £ 30, you can\'t find a more stylish accompaniment for your iPad 2 than this luxurious zip case.
It comes from the new Rose collection inspired by the Rose Garden in London\'s Regent\'s Park.
National geographer of the United Statescom, £24.
If there is no mandatory photo of your trip recorded, no vacation is complete.
Ensure your safety by properly packing your camera in this padded camera bag. M-
Edgedickson strauvillecom, £29.
16 with the book, this is the thing of the past, make sure your electronics
With this M-
Kindle jacket.
Its elegant red cover puts your Kindle in place while allowing easy access to the buttons. Temiumcomet. co. uk, £34.
Not all laptops belong to your type of hand luggage.
For those with larger laptops, this classic black bag will fit in a screen size of up to 18 inch.
Kurt G.
Your iPad will be the envy of all the others in this snake.
Pattern box for high-end high street retailer Kurt Geiger-its turquoise color means you will never lose it in your bag. Case Logiccomet. co. uk, £24.
99 This padded camera housing will safely place your SLR camera in a discreet black holster. The wide-
Open the front zipper to ensure quick access so you don\'t miss any camera-worthy moments.
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