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'The Back-up Plan' was a romantic comedy that

by:Top-In     2020-06-09
Jennifer Lopez plays Zoe, a woman who has finally given up on meeting the man of her dreams and settling down to raise a family. So she decides to have the family without the husband. Her 'back-up plan' consists of getting artificially inseminated so she can have the child shes always wanted. The very same day that she has the procedure done she meets Stan, played by Alex O'Laughlin. The first meeting did not go well as they both got into a cab at the same time and had a short argument about who should have it. The second time they met was at a farmer's market where Stan was selling cheese he makes at his farm in the country. Stan goes to her pet store and manages to convince her to go out on a date with him. He takes her to a lovely garden that evening and everything is perfect, that is until he spills wine on her new dress and then starts a fire. Other than that it was a great date. Stan invites her out to his farm for a weekend visit. Before the weekend she finds out the the insemination process was a success, she is pregnant. How to tell Stan though? Once she does tell him he doesn't take it very well. She flees back to the city thinking that they are over. Stan looks her back up and tells her that he's in it for the long haul and would like to continue dating her, no matter what the circumstances. They go the doctor and the sonogram shows that she is expecting twins. Now completely overwhelmed, Stan has to clear his head and figure out what he's getting into. He decides that he is still on board and they continue to date. Until the day when one of his classmates from college says something to Zoe mentioning that she didn't know that they were pregnant. When Stan makes the mistake of saying that they babies are not his, Zoe breaks the relationship off, feeling that he will not be able to commit to her and her future children. In the end it all works out and they come to realize that no matter which come first, the relationship or the babies, they still love each other and that kind of love is hard to find. My Recommendation I enjoyed this film, though it was somewhat predictable. Jennifer Lopez once again plays the beautiful girl-next-door who is going through problems we might experience in everyday life. The chemistry between the leading characters was pretty good but not explosive. All in all, I would recommend that you watch the film. There are some good laughs and a happy ending, both things we can all use.
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