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the best backpack you can buy

by:Top-In     2020-01-03
Buying a new backpack can be a daunting task.
First of all, you need to decide what kind of bag you want based on the type you intend to hike.
Next, you have to go through a list of features, some of which prove useful on the go, while others are more hype than help.
To help, we screened out a large number of available options and carefully selected our favorite backpacks for a variety of different hikers.
Whether you want a lightweight backpack for a quick summit or an oversized backpack for multiple trips
On a day trip, our advice makes it easy to find the best backpack.
We pickArc \'teryx Bora AR month men\'s clothing | women\' sWhy, you should buy this: the new rotagid hip Seat Belt suspension system of arc\'teryx Bora AR 50 looks like it will bring unprecedented comfort, thus completely changing the outdoor industry
Capacity backpack.
Arc\' Teryx Bora AR 50 Arc\' Teryx Bora redefines comfort with an innovative hip belt that allows your torso to move rather than fight against the torso. $442. 10 from Amazon.
Com is for WHO: Arc\'teryx Bora AR 50 is for hikers who want it --
As the company\'s new swivel hip belt moves with you, storage is convenient, waterproof design and ultimate comfort.
What is its price: $44. Why did we choose Arc\' Teryx Bora AR 50: Arc\' Teryx shocked the outdoor equipment industry when it first launched its Bora backpack in 1994
Molded back panel and hip strap.
Now, 23 years later, the company has once again subverted the market with its new treasure AR 50, a revolutionary package that uses rotating hips to ease the pain of long-haul backpacks.
The new RotoGlide belt is mounted in the frame of the backpack using a ball joint that allows the belt to turn left, right, up and down.
The belt does not move when you move, but carries it with you as you move, turn or bend, providing a range of movement and comfort that traditional hip belts cannot match.
It\'s like there\'s nothing else on the market that makes you want to know how you handle heavy objects using a traditional hip belt system.
If this is not comfortable enough for you, Bora AR has the company\'s iconic Tegris back panel that can remove the packaging from your back to improve ventilation. The Thermo-
There are also two molded shoulder straps.
Dial point adjustment system-
Suitable for any trunk length or shoulder width.
Even in the maximum rain, the Bora AR 50 keeps your clothes and gear bones dry thanks to the outer waterproof material of the package and the matching waterproof zipper.
For your convenience, Arc\'teryx includes a zip kangaroo pocket on the back panel, two elastic hip belt pockets suitable for most modern phones, and back straps for hiking poles or ice axes.
The large top loader has an internal pocket for two small items and a side zip to easily reach the items stored at the bottom of the package.
The men and women of Arc\' Teryx Bora are available, and the men of 50L weigh 4 lbs. 8 pounds.
Best mountaineering backpack 50 LWhy to the top of the mountain to the north you should buy this: north Face Summit 50L is the lightest mountaineering bag on the market, with a stylish and simple design, suitable for rock climbing and ice climbing.
Our score north face Alpine 50L North Face mountaintop Alpine 50L offers unparalleled durability and comfort in a lightweight package designed for mountaineering. $239.
95 kilometers away from Moosejaw, who is the name: Alpine enthusiasts who spend their time climbing and ice walls.
How much will it cost: $239.
95 why did we choose the North Top Mountain 50L: part of the North Top Mountain series, which designed the top mountain 50L for the mountain pursuit, taking you to the extreme environment. At only 2.
5 pounds, the lightest of its kind, and the first gear in the company\'s Summit series to use a molten fabric design, provides unparalleled durability when scaling rocks or ice.
This complex structure will be 70-denier and 40-
Denier Cordura nylon is made of a single fabric for packaging construction.
This combination of materials provides excellent wear resistance and a large amount of air permeability for Summit Alpine 50L.
North Face also reduces the number of seams by blending the fabric, thus increasing the overall water
Resistance and durability.
Because of this unique building, the mountain top 50 L is light and strong-
Rare combination
Summit Alpine 50L goes above and beyond the fabric, providing a padded profile belt that can be disassembled when needed during the challenge climb.
There is also a curved back pad that embraces the body and provides incomparable comfort to the straight back pad.
The shoulder straps are also bent inward to fit your arm, allowing unrestricted movement.
Summit Alpine 50L has a spacious interior for storage
Double off top cover as a rope carrying system.
For those who keep their weight, the mountain top 50 L weighs 2 pounds and weighs 9 ounces.
Best day package skyline 15 why do you buy this: no matter the terrain, due to the dynamic adjustment of the multi-function suspension system of the package, the expired skyline 15 provides maximum comfort.
The Exped Skyline 15 is light weight and flexible to hang, it will help you pack the peak easily. $128. 95 from Amazon.
Com for whom: Hikers looking for a lightweight backpack with plenty of pockets and a comfortable fit want to extend the skyline 15.
How much is it going to cost: $ 129Why we picked the Exped Sky Moon: The exped Skyline 15 is a panel zip backpack with all the amenities you would expect for a day on the trail.
Multiple internal and external pockets can easily organize your gear, while the external connection point allows you to carry a mountaineering stick or an ice axe.
Two hip belt pockets provide a place to store necessities such as cameras, snacks or lip balm.
The flagship feature of the skyline is a switched suspension system based on adjustable terrain.
The core of the suspension after switching is the switching band, which is a flexible grid
Covered fabric extending down from the packaging back plate and connected through the velcro strap.
When a technical terrain needs to be close
Fit the package, relax the switch strap and get the package close to your back.
When maximum ventilation is required, tightening it will bend the internal frame and lift it from the back.
To make the skyline as comfortable as possible, Exped adds lightweight padding to the shoulder straps and hip straps, covering them with breathable mesh to drain moisture from the body.
As an extra bonus, the mesh holes will dry quickly if the package gets wet from any rain.
The Exped pack also has a hydration bladder suspension with a special bag to separate it from the gear in case of leakage.
Like most good packs, there is an opening on the backpack near the shoulder strap with two brackets on the shoulder strap to route the drink tube to a convenient hand positionfree drinking.
When it rains, there is a zip pocket at the bottom with an integrated rain cover inside.
The Exped Skyline has 15 L and 25 L capacity to choose from, both of which are suitable for a day\'s hiking.
The Exped Skyline weighs 37 ounces at 15 and is comfortably supported by 26 ounces. 5 pounds.
Best ultra light package Granite Gear Crown 2 60 LWhy you should buy this: hikers who want to shine but don\'t want to sacrifice features will fall in love with Granite Gear Crown 2 60 l.
Granite Gear Crown 2 60L Granite Gear Crown 2 has one of the best volumes-to-
The weight ratio on the market allows you not to carry all the trail essentials. . . $190.
00 from Amazon, who is it: Granite Gear Crown 2 is the perfect package for no-
Compromise hikers who want to set up powerful features in the lightest backpack.
How much: $200 why do we choose Granite Gear Crown 2: Every major feature of Granite Gear Crown 2 is to reduce weightand it shows.
Starting with its fabric, the Granite Gear uses 100-denier high-
Tough nylon, regular
Woven nylon, and 210-denier High-
Its structure is tough and tear-proof nylon.
To support packaging, granite gears use molded polypropylene frame sheets
Its sole purpose is to minimize the cutting holes for the weight of the package.
This frame is completely removable if you need to fall off more.
The weight savings of this structure are significant, as the Crown 2 puts the balance tip at just 2.
1 pounds, by contrast, 4-to 5-
The weight of most standard backpacks.
This stylish design provides one of the best volumes for Crown 2to-
The weight ratio on our list
Don\'t be fooled-
The May 2 crown is lightweight, but that doesn\'t mean it doesn\'t feature --rich.
Crown 2 with redesigned top cover with DWR-Treated zipper
The lid is spacious enough to accommodate additional gears for longer trips, but the lid can be removed when the load is lighter.
There is a paragraph in front
Mesh pocket and stretch
There are mesh woven pockets on both sides, and there is no shortage of storage space on the outside.
The Crown 2 also has an impressive 35 pounds when packed to the max.
The best backpack for WomenOsprey Ariel 55 why should you buy this: The latest backpack for Osprey combines the corporate counter
The Osprey is spacious and designed with a convenient gravity suspension system.
Osprey Ariel AG 55 with a lot of ingenious-
Organized storage space and the most comfortable counter in the industry
The new Ariel package of Osprey-gravity suspension system. . . $290. 00 from Amazon.
Com to whom: backpackers looking for a ventilation bag that comfortably carries heavy objects should not look further than the female osprey Ariel.
How much is the price: $290 why did we choose the Osprey Ariel 55 AG: Designed for backpacking and crossing
Hiking, the women\'s Ariel bag is a long term
Due to its custom fit and convenient pocket layout, time is the most popular in the Osprey lineup.
The key to this custom fit is the IsoForm5 harness and CM hip belt packaged;
Both can be exchanged.
The ability to swap sizes allows you to find the perfect fit when handling heavy objects.
The 2017 Ariel model has been improved with this flexible fit as the industry increasesleading Anti-
Gravity suspension.
AG technology uses a suspended mesh panel extending the length of the trunk.
This panel allows the backpack to hug the wearer and distribute its load evenly across one\'s hips and back.
When you joined a woman
Specific styling, the result is a super customizable fit that keeps you comfortable even with heavy objects.
Ariel is not only comfortable to wear, but also equipped with indispensable features on the trail.
The lid at the top is removed and converted into a full-day package with sleeves for the breastbone band and the hydration bladder.
The backpack also has a large main compartment located on the top of a sleeping bag compartment with a removable partition.
Access to this compartment from the top and sides.
For quick storage, it also has a double-sided mesh bag and a large mesh bag on the back panel.
The Osprey Ariel 55AG weighs 4 lbs and is certainly not an ultra-light option. 883 pounds.
It also has a man-style Osprey Aether.
The best backpack for gate Mystery Ranch Stan 62 why should you buy this: Stein 62 of Mystery Ranch has changed from backpack to day pack in just a few minutes, which makes it your choice
Choose a long day hike or weekend on the trail.
Mysterious ranch Stan 62 is a powerful bag with enough pockets to store and offers a removable day pack for summit push. $298.
Who are 95 people from remote areas: want a single bag hiker with enough storage space and built-in versatility
Enjoy the mysterious ranch Stan 62 at daypack.
How much: $29 why do we choose Mystery Ranch Stan 62: Mystery Ranch was created by Dana Gleason of former Dana Design and is no stranger to the backpack industry.
The company is proud of its loading and transportation technology, which focuses on the feeling and reaction of the package when it is fully loaded.
The result of this focus is a form.
Mount a retractable seat belt that can be adjusted to fit your exact torso size.
Join the unique waist pack to transfer the weight perfectly to the hips, and you have a package that can be customized to suit a wide range of situations with a variety of torsos and hiking.
Hotel Stein 62 is comfortable and convenient.
Except weight-
When transferring the hip belt, there is also a padded back plate with waist support and a curved padded shoulder strap that allows the arm to move freely.
The top loader has a side entrance zipper and two angled external pockets to maximize the number of gears they can accommodate.
One of Stan 62\'s flagship features is its two-pocket top lid.
It is very spacious and can store some necessities, such as puff jackets, cooking supplies or other items that are often used during travel.
When you get to basecamp, the top cover is quickly removed from the package and converted into a day-to-day package.
Unlike other convertible day backpacks, Mystic ranch Stein allows you to remove the straps from the main backpack and attach them to the day backpack.
This transfer takes a few minutes, but the investment in time is worth it because the final package is very comfortable. The 62-
The average weight of Stein Mystery Stein is 4 liters. 7 pounds.
If you buy this, the best minimalist backpacker NeroWhy: Zpacks Nero is a poster kid for minimalist backpacker with its frame, explosion-proof structure.
Nero is a super-
Lightweight bag for backpackers and straight through
Hikers only want the basic stuff in their backpacks, nothing else. $199.
00 from Zpacks for WHO: looking for super
The lightweight backpack can resist rain, rocks and more, and it will want to add the Zpacks of Nero to their arsenal.
Why do we choose Zpacks Nero: Zpacks Nero should be your first choice when you only need a basic thing bag.
Nero replaces the popular Zero model in the Zpacks lineup with few unnecessary pockets or options. This ultra-
The smallest option is a simple 38-
But for versatility, you can add extra things like removable shoulder bags or belt bags.
The Nero offers a frameless design that makes it super light and minimal.
The only thing that gives it some rigidity is a closed foam that can also be used as a cushion.
The new weight of 2017 packs is Feathers-light 10. 9 ounces (11.
9 if you count the foam seat cushion)
And able to carry up to 20 pounds with a target weight of 5-6 pounds.
However, super light does not mean super light. wimpy.
Nero is made of Dyneema composite fabric (2.
92 ounces per yard)
Sandwich Dyneema fiber silk between layers of 50 Dan polyester film.
These alternate layers use high-
Pressure autoclave.
The resulting fabric is a magical composite that is stronger, lighter, and waterproof than the keffra fiber.
The Dyneema composite fabric was originally used for sails and was made into backpacks, tents and tarps.
Nero may not have the fancy features of the competing pack, but it has all the essentials you need.
The main package is 25 L with a flip cover to keep the gear dry.
The front is an 8L mesh pocket that can dry both wet clothes and get basic items quickly.
Two side bags (2. 5L each)
Can accommodate 1.
5L bottle, tilt, easy to disassemble.
You can also use side bags and side press to bring a fixed hiking rod.
Zpacks realized that Nero may attract a wide variety of consumers, notsize-fits-all pack.
The bag has three belt attachment positions that allow the owner to adjust the bag to their torso.
The belt can be trimmed to fit the smaller waist and can even be completely removed.
Although the belt is adjustable, the shoulder strap is deliberately fixed due to the frameless design, which facilitates keeping the strap level consistent with the top of one\'s shoulder.
These straps are padded for comfort and come with an adjustable chest strap.
If possible, our backpack proposal has been field tested in various terrain and weather conditions.
We try to test each package under the most commonly used conditions.
Day backpacks will be affected by short and long hikes that can be done during the day while backpacks will be tested in multiple hoursday hikes.
When it is not possible to test the backpack, we look at the features of the backpack and compare it to the existing models in our stocking.
We looked at how the packaging changed and what improvements (if any) have been made this year ).
We also combed the product specifications as well as the manufacturer and retailer videos to learn about any new technological advances developed for these latest and greatest backpacks.
It is a personal effort to buy a pair of boots and a backpack.
Everyone\'s body is different.
If the size, waist circumference and trunk length of each person are different.
Also, you need to get a suitable accessory package, especially if you plan to carry the heavy objects needed for multiple accessoriesday hike.
The most important fit of the backpack is the trunk size, which is the measurement of the length of the back.
This size is unique to everyone and does not depend on height.
The tall trunk may be short, while the short trunk may be long.
Your backpack should match the size of your torso so that the weight can be distributed correctly on your back and hips.
Finding your torso size is a simple measurement that takes only a few minutes.
You can go to the outdoor store for testing, or you can test it at home with your friends.
If you do it yourself, you need to find a bone lump that meets your shoulder and neck --
This is the C7 cervical spine.
Start measuring at C7 and then follow your back until you reach the imaginary line that goes through the top of your pelvis (i. e.
Top of your hip bone).
You can put your hands above your hips to help locate this top and assist in this part of the measurement.
Once you measure this length, remember it or write it down for future use.
Most good backpacks have different sizes, corresponding to a narrow range of torso sizes, and have an adjustable seat belt to fine tune fit.
For example, a small package might be suitable for someone with a torso between 13 and 17 --inches.
Once you have found the right package, you can dial in the harness to fit your specific body.
Some of the packs even offer extra personalisation with replaceable shoulder straps and hip belts so you get the most comfortable fit.
Another important feature to consider when purchasing a package is the weight. Most feature-
The fully loaded package is heavier and you have to decide if these additional amenities are worth the extra weight.
If you bring a lot of accessories like camera, lip balm, smartphone or GPS device then a heavier package with lots of pockets is a good deal --off.
If you only bring a first aid kit and some extra food and clothes while hiking, then super light and minimal packaging may be the first choice.
Finally, you need to figure out how you are hiking and find the backpack that best suits your body and hiking style.
It takes some time to measure and try different packages, but if you work hard, you get a package that feels light on your back, has all the features you need, and lasts for miles.
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