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the difference between parchment paper and wax paper, and ...

by:Top-In     2020-08-08
They are not always interchanged.
For baking newbies, there is no real difference between wax paper and parchment paper.
They\'re all documents, they\'re all found in the kitchen pantry, they don\'t lookstick.
However, we repeat that they are not interchanged for all cooking purposes.
If you try to bake a cookie with wax paper instead of parchment paper, it will start to turn black and smoke and will catch fire in some cases.
The wax on the paper is not hot-
Resistant, it melts in the oven, which may put the paper in danger of lighting.
This will ruin the cookies as well.
That\'s why it\'s time for you to understand the difference.
Parchment paper is paper processed by parchment paper.
This means that the paper has passed through sulfuric acid, which makes it tight and oil-proof.
This process makes it strong enough to withstand wet and hot conditions such as an oven and to withstand heat up to 420 degrees F.
Many manufacturers also apply silicone coating to make it notstick.
Parchment paper is ideal for baking cookies rather than oil the plate.
It is useful to make sure there is no sticking on the lining of the cake tray.
It is also used to cook papillote, a way to cook food in a paper pocket in the oven.
But parchment paper is expensive, so there is wax paper on many hands. A 75 square-
A roll of parchment paper for $5.
70, one of which is 75 Square-
$4 wax paper foot roll. 06.
Wax paper is a paper towel coated with paraffin on both sides.
This coating makes wax paper non-stick, oil-proof, waterproof and full
Very useful tools in the kitchen.
This is a great choice for packing and storing food.
This is also a good non.
Great noodles for making candy or chocolate.
It can be used to cover bowls or plates in the microwave to prevent splashes.
According to the kitchen of the cake LD, you can arrange the cake tray with wax paper, because the cake batter can basically protect the paper from the direct heating of the oven.
But, no matter what you do, don\'t use wax paper in the oven when it\'s exposed to air, because it can\'t withstand high temperatures.
As we mentioned above, it will melt, smoke and may catch fire.
Now, go bake some cookies and make some candy and always use the right paper.
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