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The fact that LASIK price is charged on a per

by:Top-In     2020-07-22
Most patients will be asked to receive prior tests and screening which involve some technologies. For instance, different technologies will be used to measure the corneal thickness, tear film analysis, the topography of the cornea as well as some other necessary measurements. These measurements play a major role in determining how exactly and precisely the cornea can be shaped during the surgery. In fact, these tasks are indispensible preparation before LASIK surgery. Of course, these measurements account for part of the total cost. Factors associated with the surgeon are also decisive, like the skill level, any accreditations he may have and memberships in national organizations, experience level and the difficulty of the surgery. LASIK surgery requires the surgeon to use instruments which are regulated by U.S. laws to be used on the patient only once and immediately discarded. Such kind of cost will always be included in the price of LASIK procedure. Specific technologies used during the surgery are a major part of LASIK cost. Excimer laser is the most basic laser applied in LASIK procedure. This kind of laser has been in practice for many years and been considered to be quite reliable. In addition, newer laser technologies will usually cost more than the standard laser.
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