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The global plastic industry, which is badly hit

by:Top-In     2020-06-07
Based on the statistics, the consumption of engineering plastics in 2009 has reached about 176 million tons. Compared with 2008, it is significantly increased. Among them, high-density polyethylene takes up 17%, linear low density polyethylene is 11%, low density polyethylene takes up 10%, polypropylene accounts for 25%, polyvinyl chloride is 18%, polyethylene terephthalate accounts for 8% polystyrene is 6%, ABS takes up 4% and polycarbonate is 2%. In the field of engineering plastics, the marketing requirement for PC and ABS is obviously increased, which is stimulated by the developing regional markets. In the futuristic five years, the global demand for PC will be averagely increased 5.8% annually. By the end of 2015, it will reach about 440 million tons. It is reported that the applications of PC have the fastest increased rate in the automotive glass industry. AMAI also says that the application of PC in the electrical and electronic industry has great increasing potential, this market is expected to become the biggest applied filed in 2015, and the main driving force will be the rising PTFE rod. The expected averagely annual increased rate of Global ABS market is about 5%, which is continue to higher than the global GDP increased rate. And the applied fields of ABS which are fastest increased will be the transportation market and household electronics market, the latter is expected to be annually increased more than 5%. By 2015, it will still remain the biggest application field. In addition, the report of CMAI also pointes out that in the next few years, European and American plastics markets are prospecting, manufacturers' competitiveness will be enhanced, supply will be slightly tight and the devices will maintain the relatively high operating rate. Some manufacturers are going all out to improving the efficiency and production of special products, and they will implement the reasonable renovation for the high-cost devices. In terms of statistics of the American Chemical Council, U.S. PE exporting yield creates a new high in 2009, and it will continue this strong momentum in 2010. In 2009, most of U.S. engineer plastics are exported to China market, while U.S. will start turning to Canada and Mexico in 2010. Even though the products of Middle East are quite competitive, yet as the North America uses the low-cost ethane as raw materials, and it is vigorously seeking the exporting opportunities, so the imported products from the Middle East won't pose threat to North American manufacturers. Besides that, the requirement for PVC in the United States and non-construction relative fields is recovering. It is expected that U.S. demand for PVC will be rapidly increased in 2010, but it will still much lower than the levels from 2006 to 2007. In the futuristic five years, North American and western European requirement for PS will be increased 1.5% to 1.7%. However, the manufacturers of PET will face with the oversupply market, so the requirement for PET will be less increased in the near future.
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