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Hindustan Photo Film Manufacturing Co. , Ltd (HPF)
Nilgiris is the only film manufacturing public sector company in the United States. since its establishment in 1967, it has been considered an economic booster for Nilgiris.
However, due to digitalization and globalization, the company has seen a downward trend since 1996.
With outdated technology, the film-making company, which monopolizes film-making, was announced in 2004 by BIFR as a sick unit.
However, the procedures for the liquidation of the company are pending by the government.
Environmental protection people have always believed that small mountain city is not suitable for industrial development.
However, in independent India, the all-India photographers conference announced the establishment of a factory in Ooty in 1958 to produce photographic products at the price of Rs 8 crore.
When Prime Minister Indira Gandhi dedicated public sector companies to the country in 1967, doubts were raised about its location, technical feasibility and economic viability.
\"Is there any need for a town like Ooty ? \" The reporter asked the prime minister in consternation.
Although HPF has been considered a major industry of Ooty until the end of 1980, there have been problems with the company.
Even if management experts do their best, they will not be able to find lasting solutions to the problems facing the company.
Over the years, polyester X-has been added to major factories-
Ray film factory and tape factory.
At Ambattur in Chennai, a conversion plant that cuts imported giant film into retail packaging.
However, since 1992, HPF\'s \"industrial\" brand has been swept by international film brands, and its monopoly as a distributor of the original film has disappeared under the liberalization of imports.
HPF with more than 5,000 employees 30 years ago, once known for its world-famous
The film has been a black and white film for decades, but after the digital photography revolution, the company was in crisis.
The company has a debt of more than Rs 1,000 and has been working hard due to a lack of working capital and production has stalled. The film and X-
Ray\'s manufacturing department found a body.
On October 2004, the blow came when the central government announced that it would end.
For more than 40 years, Neil Gilis\'s economy has been centered on tea, tourism and human resource development.
On January 2003, the company was declared ill and BIFR suggested winding it up.
Industry giants such as Kodak came to study the feasibility of setting up a joint venture, but withdrew for unknown reasons.
The company was once considered a \"golden chicken pass\" in the backward area and lost its position after a long battle.
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