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The Guru of Goo (And Gels, Mesh and Resin)

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The material world may be fragile and short-lived, and few people understand this as deeply as a New Yorker named George bellilian.
Last week, in his ventilation office on West 25 Street
Beylerian faces a new reminder of this brief state.
Fumika has just filed for bankruptcy protection, he said.
It was a sunny morning.
The 66-year-old bellilian wore a gray knit shirt and sweater, a striped tie and oval-shaped glasses, which made him look fashionable on vacation.
The news of Formica is like a street.
Some people collect baseball cards or gossip about the royal family. Mr.
Beylerian collects and is obsessed with materials.
In the vast world of designing new materials
Beylerian is a practitioner, a racist, a devotee, a believer.
As he spoke, he looked at samples of 3,000 substances neatly arranged, each with its own story.
AdvertisementHe rubbed his delicate and soft hand on the smooth wall of his office.
These surfaces also carry stories of material emotions and regrets.
Paneling is a new composite made of waste fiber from sugarcane stems.
Cheap, beautiful, and good environment--
There are future products.
\"Then the man went out of business . \"Beylerian said.
He shook his head as if he had seized a chance to escape.
\"If I know,\" he said, \"I can make adoption possible.
\"Advertise according to his own job description, Sir
Beylerian is a \"cow fly\", a \"knowledge broker\", a \"dirty old business\", a monster of material that is pure as a layman.
He\'s really a matchmaker.
In 1997, after a career in retail and design, he started what he called the \"new material zoo\" as a resource for architects and designers.
In terms of price, they can use their fingers to browse the latest Clay, gel, resin, foam, holographic film and laminate materials that only obsessive-compulsive disorder people like him will collect.
He calls it a physical relationship, almost like a dating service.
With the development of his library of materials, he hopes that the interaction of technology, art and business can inspire new design concepts.
He also hopes that this will lead to a business model. Mr.
The real question is, is this business?
Is it a non-profit organization?
Is it a foundation?
The answer is that this may be all the above questions.
I didn\'t plan this in any way other than passion.
\"Laura Bowen is a designer,
Beylerian\'s expertise for more than ten years has brought forward cases of material connection in different ways.
Before he did, she said, designers had to sort out bins of industrial samples on Canal Street. Mr.
Beylerian has established a roster of about 700 members who pay $500 to $10,000 per year to use the library and consult 19 employees.
The company does not test materials and does not charge commissions for successful competitions.
Each month, an external jury of 8 to 12 architects and designers evaluates about 40 materials to be included in the collection.
The latest approvals include plastic cloth made from recycled coffee grounds.
\"You can imagine how much coffee is wasted in the United States,\" said library director Andrew Dent . \".
The showroom operates in an equal technical and chatty manner, reflecting Mr.
The depth of bellerianDeep-rooted passion
He was born in Alexandria, Egypt, the son of a merchant family, and moved to New York in 1957 after the Egyptian government nationalized the business.
In 1970s and 1980s, he worked for Kartell, Italy, and his own Beylerian boutique, becoming a senior
Quality plastic furniture in USA.
Steelcase, furniture manufacturer of the division of work of the creative director of AdvertisementWhile, helped organize Cooper at 1990 exhibitions
The Hewitt National Design Museum is called Mondo material\"
Party for materials such as neoprene film and color glass that can change color throughout the day.
\"It\'s a moral mission,\" said Ben Lloyd, designer and former editor of Metropolitan Home magazine.
\"George thinks he\'s doing something better for society, making things in time with new materials.
\"On this day, sir.
Beylerian and his staff are working from two
A day trip from Nike and BMW, they are all interested in materials for other uses other than sneakers or cars.
In addition, some visiting students strip red gel spots from the benches in the hallway and use them to add to their sexiness, if simulated
Sexy, affecting their profile.
This prank, whether it\'s a company or a university, is how many new materials have arrived home, says Mori ko Mori, a professor at Harvard\'s Graduate School of Design.
\"There is a lot of technology transfer,\" she said, citing materials developed for weapons, ships and space exploration that found the end-use in household items or toys, the \"killer\"
Today\'s bullet is tomorrow\'s blobby coffee table.
Such technology.
Without Mr Mori\'s secular push, it may not be able to use or make a profit domestically, Mr Mori said. Beylerian.
\"He is really advocating material abuse,\" she said . \"
He is a very visual person, and everything goes through his strict editing process.
He gave us a palette to use.
\"For most of the past decade, experiments on new materials often reflect dot-com boom. Mr.
Dan wants the next generation to provide security information.
He said the war against terrorism would create a wave of broad and unpredictable new materials.
If you have a warm-pressed toaster in your future, its path is likely to go through 25 th Street. Mr.
Beylerian plans to attend the Inter Milan Furniture Fair next month.
He asked the designer to name five products related to safety.
He is still counting his reply.
Some suggest keeping some Washington politicians in cages in case global warming raises the sea level above their heads.
This is a misuse of mischief.
Beylerian expressed his appreciation.
Like many obsessed people.
Beylerian has been complaining about his obsession for a large part of the time.
\"I am exhausted every day,\" he said . \".
\"I don\'t need to run it the next time I create something.
But with this, do you think some imaginative investors will run it?
Too much energy.
Between complaints, he talked excitedly about plans to expand into Europe, Detroit and elsewhere.
Elliot Kaufman is a photographer and an old friend of his.
Beylerian dismissed the complaint.
\"I don\'t think you will ever retire, George,\" he said . \"
\"It\'s your life. it\'s who you are.
Mr. advertising.
There is no debate in Beylerian.
He has contacts and chat with clients.
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And gel, mesh and resin).
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