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the importance of greenhouse ventilation

by:Top-In     2020-07-31
If you have a greenhouse, you definitely need to consider ventilation.
Greenhouse ventilation is a very important function in greenhouses.
When your greenhouse is well ventilated, the air flow will help to reduce the temperature and distribute the air to remove the cold and hot spots.
You need Greenhouse ventilation in the summer to help cool and move the stale air.
Exhaust fans will help to drain hot air from the greenhouse and breathe in the cooler air.
In hot weather, you may need to use a shade cloth and an evaporation cooler in addition to the exhaust fan.
In order to prevent condensation and distribute heat evenly in the greenhouse, winter greenhouse ventilation is required.
This is important to ensure that all areas of the greenhouse get enough heat.
You can provide Greenhouse ventilation by making sure your airflow is at the right level.
The circulating fan should keep the air flowing in the greenhouse 24 hours a day and deliver fresh air to your plants.
When the greenhouse studies the temperature you set, the exhaust fan with thermostat control can be set to absorb hot air from the greenhouse.
You can use fans, doors, vents or windows to help ventilate your greenhouse.
If your greenhouse uses a plastic polyfilm covering, you can also control the airflow by removing or collecting a portion of the covering.
If you decide to use a fan for Greenhouse ventilation, it is important to have the right location.
For more effective cooling, you will want the exhaust fan to be as high as possible.
The air inlet should be low to the ground, opposite the exhaust fan, inhaling air from the ground and pushing the hot air up and out.
Place the circulating fan so they can pull the air on the length of the greenhouse.
Drain the hot air outside and you will cool the greenhouse effectively.
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