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The major points and discussion about Shih Tzu temperament

by:Top-In     2020-07-25
If you are a Shih Tzu owner then feel proud about it because this breed is known as reputed toy breed among the film industry and many highest industrial people. The nature of the Shih Tzu puppies is very sweet, loving, calm and social. They are not aggressive like other toy breeds as pugs, bulldogs, beagles and many others. Shih thus are very loyal to their family and children. Shih Tzu never bites to the strangers and children. It's a perfect family pet for the buyers and dog lovers. Sometimes shih thus can be used as a gift dog to gifting someone on behalf their birthdays, parties and family occasion or festivals. Shih thus are very beautiful and loving family pet. Shih Tzu comes in various colors starts from pure white to jet black. Some shih thus are in tricolors appearance and are usually known as a better choice for dog lovers and specially Shih Tzu lovers. This breed requires less exercise as compared to other toy breeds. Even the body structure of Shih Tzu and weight looks solid but the exercise will be less or even it can be done while walking normally. The golden retriever dogs love to play in deep water, river, beaches and the shiatsu loves to stay in comfort, lavish places. If someone wants to own a dog and never had an experience before owning any dog anytime then shih Tzu should be recommended as the first choice as these dogs are easy to train, never bark unnecessarily and polite natured to the strangers. In dog industry and film industry it's a crazy breed. If someone sees the breed at first site he or she will fall in the love of it. This breed is very intelligent and has sharp memory with highest sense power. The training is again an important part to teach Shih Tzu. If the training is going consistently for five to six months then it will be easier to train them. Shih Tzu is small, toy, doll, fluffy ball sized dog. The shih thus don't need much exercises in outdoor places like mastiffs, great Danes, Labradors, golden retrievers. These dogs are very minimum aggressive with the strangers.
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